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French press review 7 February 2014

The ugly face of the crisis in the Central African Republic (CAR) takes centre stage in the French press this morning as several papers publish a gruesome photograph of a suspected spy from the ...
France crushes ivory in anti-poaching move
07/02/2014 - On-the-spot France

France crushes ivory in anti-poaching move

France publicly destroyed three tonnes of illegally seized ivory on Thursday to show its commitment to stopping the poaching of African elephants.
Ivory seized in Togo
06/02/2014 - Frace

France destroys three tonnes of ivory at foot of Eiffel Tower

French officials destroyed some three tonnes of ivory in public on Thursday as part of an effort to stop the illegal trade. France is the first European country to do so.

Illegal ivory bracelets
06/12/2013 - France-Afrique

France steps up fight against ivory poaching

France is to burn three tonnes of ivory as part of the fight against poaching. Paris pledged to destroy its ivory stocks and increase fines on traffickers of endangered species.

Elephant poaching on the rise in Africa
02/12/2013 - African news explained

Elephant poaching on the rise in Africa

Elephant poaching is on the rise. New figures show that the illegal trade in ivory could wipe out 20 percent of Africa's elephants in the next ten years.
Park rangers lack resources to combat poachers in Africa
17/06/2013 - African news explained

Park rangers lack resources to combat poachers in Africa

Park rangers protecting endangered wildlife have to deal with well-armed gangs of poachers in Africa and around the world.
30/03/2013 - France

Man cuts off elephant's tusk with chainsaw in Paris museum

Paris police have arrested a man for breaking into a museum and cutting off an elephant’s tusk with a chainsaw on Friday night.

African press review 13 February 2013

Does Zuma have a rabbit in his hat? Can hip-hop help education? How did four rhinoceros horns come to disappear from a Zimbabwe court? And what's cooking in Lesotho?


African press review 2 March 2012

Poaching in Cameroon, a possible free trade agreement between two Kenya and Tanzania and breaking off an engagement in Nigeria, are all stories in some of Africa's papers today.

Kenya's lions under threat
23/02/2012 - International report

Kenya's lions under threat

Latest figures show that over the past nine years the number of lions in Kenya has dropped from 2,700 to some 2,000.