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French press review 9 March 2015

With just two weeks to go to departmental elections here in France, it's perhaps not surprising that two of the national dailies give pride of place to aspects of those polls.

Nicolas Sarkozy in September 2014.
01/11/2014 - FRANCE

Sarkozy's support wanes among French voters

Former president and future presidential hopeful Nicolas Sarkozy is losing points among voters, and is seen as lacking in new solutions to France's problems.

Francois Hollande at a European Union leaders summit in Brussels March 21, 2014
26/03/2014 - France

Hollande tells Socialists to learn from poll failure

French President François Hollande told ministers on Wednesday that they needed to "learn lessons" from the Socialists poor showing in local elections.
Madagascar election judged free and fair
28/10/2013 - African news explained

Madagascar election judged free and fair

International election observers have hailed Madagascar's presidential election as credible, free and transparent.

French press review 7 September 2013

Making headlines today across France is still the question of military action in Syria and a national pact is made to save the southern city of Marseille

29/08/2013 - France

French press review 29 August 2013

Syria makes the headlines in a few papers today, and both the right wing daily, Le Figaro and the popular daily, Aujourd’hui en France have practically the same headline today: “Syria: a ...
09/08/2013 - France

The French remain opposed to Islamic veil in schools

A majority of French people remain against allowing the Islamic veil to be worn in universities, according to a recent poll.
19/04/2013 - France

French press review 19 April 2013

Friday’s papers are dominated by comments on the G20’s tackling of money laundering at its spring meeting in Washington, President François Hollande’s drive against conflict ...

African press review 21 March 2013

Kenyan politicians told to suspend planned election rallies amid fears of violence, a controversial condom advertisement in Kenya withdrawn and the US urges Rwanda to send Congolese rebel leader, ...

African press review 20 March 2013

South Africans find out where Cyprus is. Zimbabwe's new constitution gets a lukewarm reception. Uhuru tells Raila to stop bitching and wait for the law to judge the Kenyan election.