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French press review 23 September 2014

Two very different types of menace dominate this morning's front pages. You can take your pick between global warming and Islamic State (IS) terrorism.

World leaders to discuss climate change challenge
23/09/2014 - International report

World leaders to discuss climate change challenge

Leaders from 120 countries join business and financial leaders on Monday at the United Nations in New York for Secretary General Ban Ki-moon's specially requested climate summit.

French press review 22 September 2014

The French front pages are coming down with a bad dose of the Nicolas Sarkozys this morning. The man is everywhere, and the tone is menacing, not to say martial.

Inside a massive dairy farm, rotating giant milking platter where cows are held.
15/09/2014 - France

Protests against giant dairy farm intensify in northern France

Protests over 1,000-cow factory are intensifying in northern France where opponents from diverse background are now rallying. 

Green algae in Brittany.
22/07/2014 - France

Green algae: French government blamed for water pollution

A French court on Monday blamed the French government for the decomposing toxic green algae covering beaches in Brittany.

Paris during the pollution peak of March 2014
15/05/2014 - France

Paris to repeat traffic restrictions in anti-pollution battle

Paris's emergency measures to fight a pollution peak last March had a limited effect, an air-quality monitors' report said Wednesday.
Pollution levels had dropped by Monday evening
18/03/2014 - France

Cars back in Paris as pollution levels drop

All cars were back on the roads in Paris and the greater Paris area on Tuesday after an improvement in air quality led the government to drop the second day of its partial car ban.


French press review 18 March 2014

Pride of place this morning to Albert Einstein, whose relativity theory provided the basis for the Big Bang theory, and the scepticism about the ultimate ambitions of Vladimir Putin dominate the ...
Police officers stop cars with even number licence plates in Paris on Monday
17/03/2014 - France

Emergency anti-pollution measures cut Paris traffic, not repeated Tuesday

Traffic was lighter than usual in Paris and the surrounding area on Monday morning as restrictions aimed at tackling soaring pollution came into force.

French press review 17 March 2014

Crimea's independence from Ukraine and air pollution in the French capital dominate the the front page stories of French dailies.