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African press review 21 August 2015

Crime, shock and the secret to the fountain of youth make the headlines of the African press, as Kenyan police make a breakthrough in April's Garissa attack.

African press review 20 August 2015

Accusations of sectarianism, suicidal ministers and a couple who prove that love isn't blind, are some of the stories topping the African papers.
19/08/2015 - Athletics

Britain’s Sebastian Coe elected new world athletics chief at IAAF congress

Britain’s Sebastian Coe on Wednesday became the new president of world athletics, receiving 115 votes to Ukrainian Sergey Bubka’s 92 votes.

African press review 19 August 2015

Giving your legs a climb, walk or a jump can boost your brain power, resuscitate you or help you find criminals, some of Africa's papers reveal.

African press review 18 August 2015

Modern-day Moses figures in Uganda and high priests in Kenya, biblical references dominate the African press.

African press review 17 August 2015

The watchword dominating the African press today is "dirty." From dirty money in Uganda's presidential election campaign to "dirty" South African officials, accused of involvement ...

African press review 15 August 2015

A football game turns tragic as lightening strikes children sheltering under a tree. A "dead man" causes commotion in a Nigerian court where he appeared as witness.

African press review 14 August 2015

Nigeria's President Muhammadu Buhari sets a three-month dealine for the country's new army chiefs to wipe out the Boko Haram insurgency, and African markets are in for hard times as China devalues ...

African press review 13 August 2015

Kenyan surgeons struggle to save the life of a baby born with part of his brain outside.

African press review 01 August 2015

A controversial new Defence force bill dominates African headlines, and Ugandan presidential hopeful John Patrick Amama Mbabazi opens up his own ticket.