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A member of Burundi's National Electoral Commission counts ballot boxes at a warehouse used to store electoral material for the upcoming parliamentary elections, in the neighbourhood of Nyakabiga near the capital Bujumbura, 28 June 2015.
28/06/2015 - Burundi

Burundians head to polls as parliament head quits, slams president

Around 4 million Burundians are expected to cast their ballots in parliamentary elections on Monday to replace members of the National Assembly and the country's city councils.

French press review 20 June 2015

Greeks withdraw their savings as the country's default on its debt and possible exit from the euro looms and Nicolas Sarkozy's metaphor about migrants and "burst pipes" sparks outcry about ...

French press review 19 June 2015

Crisis looms in Europe as Greece faces default despite bullying from its creditors.

French press review 18 June 2015

Growing concern over the efficiency of France's sweeping plan to deal with thousands of asylum seekers streaming into the country as crisis migrants worsens.

French press review 17 June 2015

Boko Haram to bear the brunt of deadly bombings in Chad's capital, a gist of life in Eritrea, Africa's North Korea, one of the origins of the refugee influx causing a looming political crisis in Europe.


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French press fries Prime Minister Manuel Valls for using a government jet to transport himself and his two sons to Berlin on Saturday for the Champions League final between Barcelona and ...

French press review 10 June 2015

Manuel Valls rolls out a surprise "Small Business Act" as Sarkozy's Les Républicains pile pressure on him to pay tickets for a Falcon flight to the football Champions League final.

French Press review 2 June 2015

US-led allies plot way forward against IS in Paris after spectacular gains by the jihadists, Ouagadougou's search for Sankara's remains and looming genocide in Burundi as Bujumbura regime continues ...

French Press review 1 June 2015

Nicolas Sarkozy's rivals dig in for full-blown fight after being booed at their new Republic party congress and the French paints a black portrait of Burundi's embattled President turned footballer ...

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Did Nicolas Sarkozy change the UMP's name to bury scandals?