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African press review 9 October 2015

Revelations about MTN money in tax havens cast doubt on the presidential ambitions of South Africa's deputy Cyril Ramaphosa; and the Nigerian Senate sets unprecedentedly hard conditions for President ...

African press review 8 October 2015

African press applauds China's offer to build 100 hospitals in Africa as Sino African health development forum closes in Cape Town; Boko Haram insurgents meet deadly fire in daring attack on Yobe ...

African press review 7 October 2015

Climate change tracker ranks South Africa 12th highest emitter of green house gases; expropriated Kenyan businessman posts message to President Kenyatta in newspaper ad; and Nigeria's Senat snubs ...

African press review 6 October 2015

The former Nigerian oil minister arrested last week is back in the news in London. Governance is going backwards in Africa. So, sadly, are economic growth prospects.

African press review 3 October 2015

A former Nigerian oil minister is released on bail in London, arrested by officers investigating suspected bribery and money-laundering offences. Burundi is to get less aid cash from Belgium.

African press review 2 October 2015

A South African bill on the private security industry is likely to strain relations between Washington and Pretoria, and could see the US vote against further development funds for Jacob Zuma's ...

African press review 1 October 2015

The release of President Muhammadu Buhari's cabinet picks create havoc during National Day celebrations in Nigeria. The list is to be completed before confirmation hearings begin next week.

French President Francois Hollande (L) welcomes Nigeria's President Muhammadu Buhari to the Elysee Palace
16/09/2015 - Interview: Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari

Nigeria's Buhari calls for more French help in fight against Boko Haram

Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari called on France to provide more intelligence and air support in the fight against the Boko Haram Islamist armed group when he met French leader François ...
US President Barack Obama with French-born tailor Georges De Paris at the White House in Washington, 2014.
14/09/2015 - FRANCE - United States

Georges de Paris, French tailor to US presidents dies at 81

Georges de Paris, a French tailor who emigrated to the US at the age of 27, spent six months living on the streets but went on to become tailor to successive presidents from Lyndon Johnson to Barack ...

African press review 4 September 2015

The rising costs of electricity and labour are contributing to weak business confidence in South Africa, this month at a 16-year low.