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Watch out François! French presidents can now be impeached ... but only for faults "manifestly incompatible" with the post
19/11/2014 - France

French presidents may now be impeached

French MPs can now impeach their president. France’s top constitutional body on Wednesday okayed a law that makes a US-style impeachment procedure possible.

Algerian President Abdelaziz Bouteflika after being reelected in April
15/11/2014 - Algeria - France

Algerian President Bouteflika in French hospital again

Algeria's President Abdelaziz Bouteflika has left the private clinic in the southern French city of Grenoble where he has been treated since Thursday.
Former president Nicolas Sarkozy (R) with his wife Carla Bruni-Sarkozy (C) and former president Jacques Chirac's wife Bernadette (L) at his rally on Friday
08/11/2014 - France

Former PM Fillon urged French presidency to speed up anti-Sarkozy legal action, report

Former prime minister François Fillon is lying when he denies having urged the French presidency to intervene in legal action against Nicolas Sarkozy, the president under whom he served and ...
Nicolas Sarkozy in September 2014.
01/11/2014 - FRANCE

Sarkozy's support wanes among French voters

Former president and future presidential hopeful Nicolas Sarkozy is losing points among voters, and is seen as lacking in new solutions to France's problems.

France's President Francois Hollande at EU summit, Brussels, August 31, 2014.
11/09/2014 - France

Sarkozy MP denounces 'outpouring of hate' towards Hollande

A French MP from Nicolas Sarkozy's opposition UMP party has denounced what he called “an outpouring of hate” towards President François Hollande.

François Mitterrand.
09/08/2014 - France - Sweden

Swedish politician says he’s Mitterrand’s secret son

A burgeoning Swedish politician revealed on Friday that he’s the son of former French president François Mitterrand.

Sata addresses the UN General Assembly in New York, 24 September 2013.
10/07/2014 - Zambia - Interview

Zambian opposition awaiting outcome of President Sata health court case

A Zambian court is examining a request to have doctors assess the health of Zambian President Michael Sata.
Nicolas Sarkozy
16/05/2014 - France

French police in court for detaining anti-Sarkozy protest leader

Two French police officers were in court on Thursday for holding a trade unionist for four hours allegedly to prevent him demonstrating against then-president Nicolas Sarkozy in 2010.

A gathering on 6 March at the Europe 1 radio station, to call for Didier François' and Edouard Élias' liberation.
19/04/2014 - France

Four French journalists freed after Syria kidnapping

Four French journalists are safe and in good health, after being held hostage in Syria since June 2013.
François Hollande visited the Michelin plant on Friday.
19/04/2014 - France

President Hollande won't run for re-election if unemployment remains high

French President François Hollande made a shock announcement on Friday during a lunch with employees of the Michelin company: if unemployment continues to plummet between now and 2017, he will ...