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Press review

African press review 19 December 2014

Boko Haram kidnaps more women and children, as Nigeria's security services struggle to contain the Islamist insurgency. And - Live on TV!

French press review 19 December 2014

The French press offers massive approval to US President Barack Obama’s announcement of a historic rapprochement with Cuba with White House sources saying that a visit by Cuban President Raul ...

African press review 18 December 2014

Must Scott go? Will Boko Haram attack the emir of Kano? How did a snake embarrass a deputy governor? Can Kenyan parties agree on anti-terror law? Wll the rouble's troubles destabilise South Africa?

French press review 18 December 2014

Russia, Cuba, a 70th birthday party, French roads and an increase in violence and bad manners . . . it's hard to believe we're just one week away from Christmas!


African press review 17 December 2014

Controversy over freedom and fighting political violence continues in Kenya. Malema calls for land occupation. Developing ecnomies lose 900 billion euros in hidden capital transfers.

French press review 17 December 2014

The French front pages are divided between fear and shock this morning, the fear provoked by Russia's financial woes, the shock by the murder of 136 schoolchildren by the Pakistani Taliban.


African press review 16 December 2014

Nigerian motorists queue for petrol as oilworkers strike. Nobody opposes Malema in the Economic Freedom Fighters leadership election. Conflict in South Sudan has cost thousands of lives.

French press review 16 December 2014

Immigration, retirement, austerity and taxis are the main items on this morning's front page menu.


French press review 15 December 2014

Former US president George W Bush and former vice president Dick Cheney are described as “Torturers”.

French weekly magazines review 14 December 2014

What’s wrong with France’s schools? Why is Europe’s own GPS satellite so slow to take off? Can a computer program predict the future?