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Press review

African press review 15 September 2014

Does Zimbabwe's First Lady deserve the doctorate she was awarded at the weekend?


French press review 15 September 2014

This is going to be the "week of truth" for several French political figures.


French weekly magazines review 13 September 2014

It’s another week of below-the-belt bashing of French President François Hollande by the magazines, with a new opinion poll finding that nearly two-thirds of French people want him to ...

French press review 13 September 2014

Ebola is a wound that will not heal in west Africa. Hollande visits Iraq. A new war in the Middle East promises to be tough-going. And there’s good news and bad news for French sport.


African press review 12 September 2014

There are fears of a new Boko Haram attack in northern Nigeria. Ebola fears spread in Nigeria, while kenya keeps its travel ban.

French press review 12 September 2014

America’s coalition of the willing against the hard-line insurgents close to achieving their goal of carving out an Islamic fundamentalist regime in Iraq and Syria attracts the most comments in ...

African press review 11 September 2014

More on the Marikana Inquiry in South Africa, new figures on Ebola, and the failure to rescue the 150 schoolgirls kidnapped by Boko Haram in Nigeria - all in today's papers ...


French press review 11 September 2014

There's a whiff of disaster about this morning's front pages . . . "Government paralysed by the failure of its economic policies," reads the main headline in Le Monde.

African press review 10 September 2014

Nigerian police are missing after a Boko Haram attack. SA police deny political pressure ahead of the Marikana massacre. A witness at the ICC Kenya trial recants.

French press review 10 September 2014

This morning's front pages would make you wonder if we're all living on the same planet.