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Press review

African press review 11 February 2016

Just how easy is it to impeach a South African president? The opposition Economic Freedom Fighters say they intend to find out.

French press review 11 February 2016

The Paris transport system is on the verge of collapse. Either users pay more or they will have to get used to breakdowns, delays, cancellations and overcrowding.

French press review 10 February 2016

French farmers are angry. So are French socialists. And there's a lot of simmering anger in Tunisia too.

African press review 10 February 2016

Ugandan police have been stocking up on the anti-riot gear, which might be a bit worrying with presidential elections just around the corner.

French press review 9 February 2016

No surprises in today's French press.

African press review 9 February 2016

The African press is talking about Zika this morning and its consequences when it comes to the Olympic.

African press review 8 February 2016

In today's African press review, Egypt sees red over a presidential carpet, scientists think the Zika virus won't be threatning Africa anytime soon and the South African government hopes for more ...

French press review 8 February 2016

A possible cabinet reshuffle, a mistake made by the International Criminal Court, a school in the Calais Jungle and... Kim Strangelove.

French weekly magazine review 7 February 2016

Lots and lots of different opinions in this week's French weeklies. While Le Point criticises British Premier David Cameron, L'Obs is concerned about the state of French schools.

African press review 6 February 2016

Today's African press review is filled with strange stories: from a man being mysteriously sucked out of a plane in Somalia, to the Nigerian president going to see his doctors in London.