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Press review

African press review 26 August 2014

Liberia's politics and food reserves are suffering from the health crisis, Kenya opens an investigation into a police shooting and Uganda is worried about a mountain collapsing.


French press review 26 August 2014

France has been gripped by political crisis, as President François Hollande and Prime Minister Manul Valls reshuffle the cabinet following a revolt over economic policy and the papers have ...


French press review 23 August 2014

We begin with the findings of Le Monde’s special investigation into violations of international law committed by Israel and their Palestinian foes during the six-week war in the ...


French press review 22 August 2014

We start with a glimmer of hope for Africa’s traumatized people.


African press review 22 August 2014

We begin with details emerging from Sierra Leone about the origin of the Ebola epidemic which has killed 1200 people in West Africa, according to the World Health Organization.


African press review 21 August 2014

In African headlines, Nigeria denies a mutiny in the army, Liberia's government comes under fire for its curfew, Uganda passes a controversial anti-HIV bill and South African TV actors hog the ...


French press review 21 August 2014

President François Hollande and the press have never been a good match - and today criticism of the leader over his economic policies is particularly withering.


African press review 20 August 2014

Ebola is making headlines in the West African news, Kenya needs to bring its food supplies out of the silos and into the fields, and South Africa looks at research on how to lose weight.


French press review 20 August 2014

The papers are still looking across the Atlantic, where the US is embroiled in racial tensions and riots not altogether unfamiliar to the French.


African press review 19 August 2014

Nigeria is looking to bats to combat Ebola, South Africa goes out on a limb at the SADC summit and Uganda's boys step into manhood, leaving a part of themselves behind.