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Press review

African press review 1 July 2015

The debate continues in South Africa about whether a chicken coop and a swimming pool constitute security upgrades at Presedent Zuma's private home in KwaZulu Natal.

French press review 1 July 2015

The battleground of the Greek economy continues to gets the editorial snipers' trigger-fingers itching. No one seems to know what will happen next.

African press review 30 June 2015

The South African press raises waste management as a national emergency, and the scandal of "jumbo" wardrobe allowances of Nigerian lawmakers underscores the extent of graft in Africa's ...

French press review 30 June 2015

“Pay Day” for Greece as the deadline to service its 240-billion-euro loan from Western creditors expires tonight.

African press review 29 June 2015

We begin in Nigeria where there are growing concerns about President Muhammadu Buhari’s style of government following his failure to appoint a cabinet a month after his inauguration.


French press review 29 June 2015

Greece is in the fangs of all the national dailies after Athens calls off debt reform talks and announces a referendum on creditors' proposals, to be held days after a repayment deadline.


French weekly magazines review 28 June 2015

The identity debate thrives on French fears of terrorism and migrants' invasion of Europe from the Mediterranean.


African press review 27 June 2015

African columnists disturbed by South Africa's graft-scarred reputation, Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari's blunt message to a popular cartoonist and a 900-euro dinner in Nairobi for Lupita ...

French press review 27 June 2015

French papers offer a grim reminder that France must be ready to live with the new terrorism threat, after the decapitation of a company boss and the hoisting of the Islamic State group's flag on the ...

African press review 26 June 2015

The blame game breaks out in South Africa as President Jacob Zuma unveils a damning report on the Marikana killings.