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Press review

African press review 02 October 2014

Nobel Peace Prize-winners won't be travelling to SA. France's budget comes under scrutiny. Kenya and the EU fail to reach a trade deal. Uhuru's aides change their line on him going to The Hague.

French press review 02 ctober 2014

France's Catholic daily looks back on a long career. The 2015 budget gets a mixed reception. Hong Kong's protests are analysed.

African press review 01 October 2014

Kenya’s GDP leaps, thanks to a change in bookkeeping practices. The ANC may let Zuma off repaying his home-improvement debts. Ebola hits Liberia’s post-war economy.

French press review 01 October 2014

This morning's front pages are not exactly joyous but Le Figaro gets the gloom and doom prize for its headline in reaction to the news that the French national debt has, for the first time in ...

African press review 30 September 2014

South Africa is spurning foreign healthcare workers, while Kenya will finally publish the Gross Domestic Product figures that have been undergoing review for several months … These are some of ...

French press review 30 September 2014

This morning's front pages are a strange mix. There’s concern on how social security cuts will affect families. Parents are anxious about their kids’ homework.

African press review 29 September 2014

Kenya celebrates Dennis Kimetto's Berlin marathon triumph and in South Africa there's speculation about Jacob Zuma's future - some of the stories in today's African papers...


French press review 29 September 2014

The French Senate, family policy, the future of Air France, and Syria are this morning's front-page stories.


French weekly magazines review 28 September 2014

The magazines are finally coming full circle with the Ebola epidemic running out of control in West Africa after France repatriated her first citizen infected by the virus.


French press review 27 September 2014

The national dailies covered Friday’s national tribute to french mountaineer Hervé Gourdel who was beheaded on Wednesday by Algerian militants with ties to the Islamic State armed ...