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Press review

African press review 27 April 2015

Two people die in political violence in Burundi as Pierre Nkurunziza announces his intention to stand for third term in office, young prisoners are starving in Uganda and some Kenyans are worried ...

French press review 27 April 2015

A look back over three grim years of Socialist presidency is the main item on the front page at right-wing Le Figaro, while the weekend earthquake tragedy in Nepal and the difficulties facing ...

French weekly magazines review 26 April 2015

French magazines warn EU leaders about the dangers of egocentrism as Islamists look to exploit the worsening humanitarian crisis in the Mediterranean.


African press review 25 April 2015

The South African press comes under attack for showing the nation's ugliest face to the world.

French press review 25 April 2015

The French press has robust coverage of Africa, including the anti-xenophobic rallies in South Africa, the high-tension presidential elections in Togo, political unrest in Guinea and revelations that ...

African press review 24 April 2015

The Nigerian press offers hectic coverage of the transition of power at Aso Rock Palace as President-elect Muhammadu Buhari consults his party on the cabinet pen picks and fine-tunes his act ahead of ...

French press review 24 April 2015

The French press takes on a duty of remembrance as Armenians mark 100 years since the Ottoman World War I genocide.

African press review 23 April 2015

A Nigerian woman is sentenced to 226 years in a multi-million naira graft case.

French press review 23 April 2015

An amateur jihadist wrecks his terrorist attack on Paris after shooting himself, and France raises its terror alert to an all-time high.

African press review 22 April 2015

The South African press decries the rainbow nation's moment of shame as civil society leaders rally to repair the ravages of xenophobic attacks on foreigners.