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Press review

African press review 31 July 2014

Liberia is hopeful ahead of a Washington summit, the parents of Nigerian kidnapped girls get a presidential bonus and South Africa's borders go biometric.


French press review 31 July 2014

Today's papers are looking in dismay at Libya and Russia and the French commemorate historic socialist leader Jean Jaurès today.


African press review 30 July 2014

Liberia struggles to find the time and place to bury its dead, Nigeria wonders about female suicide bombers and South Africa's soaring unemployment is only part of the story.


French press review 30 July 2014

France gives Iraqi Christians a mixed welcome, while the papers hail EU sanctions on Russia and wonder whether France's sands will be sold.


African press review 29 July 2014

Nigeria is reeling from Boko Haram attacks and the Ebola virus outbreak, South Africa welcomes the end of a month-long strike and Sweden ups aid to Uganda.


French press review 29 July 2014

International news is raging while France settles into a summer slumber - and newspapers are struggling to fill their pages.


African press review 28 July 2014

Concern over the Ebola virus grows in Nigeria, Liberia worries about a future war crime tribunal, and South Africa wants to pass on the housing hot potatoe.


French press review 28 July 2014

Gaza dominates headlines in France, papers track former French President's comeback, and the state wants your blood.


French weekly magazines review 27 July 2014

The Middle East is everyone’s front page story this week as pro-Palestinian protests ended in violence in the Barbès district of Paris and the suburban town of Sarcelles in the ...


French press review 26 July 2014

The crash of Air Algeria flight AH5017 is top of the news as Paris after a disaster that killed all 116 passengers and crew, including 54 French nationals.