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Family feeling - Jean-Marie Le Pen (R) kisses his daughter Marine at the Front National's 1 May parade in 2013
10/04/2015 - FRANCE

Jean-Marie Le Pen vows to fight daughter Marine in Front National row

The founder of France's Front National (FN), Jean-Marie Le Pen, on Friday said he would defend himself and "probably attack" at a disciplinary hearing called by his own daughter, Marine

French soldiers from Operation Turquoise arriving at a village near Butare, 3 July 1994
08/04/2015 - France - Rwanda

France opens Rwanda genocide archives

The French government has decided to declassify archive documents relating to the 1994 Rwandan genocide.
Dark chocolate - vital for pastry modelling, claims baker Yannick Tavolaro
27/03/2015 - FRANCE

'Racist' cakes banned from French shop window

A court in southern France has banned the display of cupcakes sporting naked figures of a man and a woman in dark chocolate on the grounds that they are racist.
The contract for Dieudonné's show in Avignon has been cancelled by the venue's manager.
25/03/2015 - Culture/FRANCE

French court backs ban on Avignon show by controversial comedian Dieudonné

A show by controversial French comic Dieudonné will not open in the southern city of Avignon Saturday as scheduled after a court ruled that the venue's operator could cancel the lease.


French press review 6 March 2015

France’s ruling Socialists fear a drubbing in regional elections. The government promises to clean up the ghettos but doesn’t seem to have the money. Is gender parity in France improving?
Dieudonné M'Bala M'bala leaves the Paris court on Wednesday
05/03/2015 - France

Dieudonné DVD banned for anti-Semitism, Holocaust denial

A Paris court has banned the sale of a DVD of a show by controversial stand-up comedian Dieudonné on the grounds that it is anti-Semitic, condones the Holocaust and condones ...
Foreign nationals, specifically African migrants, working and living in towns and cities across South Africa are routinely targeted
05/03/2015 - Report: South Africa

Xenophobic attacks erupt in South Africa's Limpopo province

Xenophobic attacks in South Africa have moved to the north-eastern province of Limpopo.
The scene after tha attack in the rue des Rosiers in 1982
04/03/2015 - France - Middle East

French judge issues arrest warrants over 1982 Palestinian attack on Paris Jewish restaurant

A French anti-terror judge has issued international arrest warrants for three suspects in France’s most deadly anti-Semitic attack since World War II 32 years acter the event.

French press review 4 March 2015

War boosts illegal immigration to Europe. There are varied reactions to Benjamin Netanyahu's speed to the US Congress. And French MPs want to tighten up the law on racist hate-speech.

An employment exchange in Paris - unemployment among under-25s of African origin is over 40 per cent
01/03/2015 - France

Racism boosts second-generation African immigrant unemployment in France, report

Discrimination is keeping the children of immigrants at the bottom of France’s economic pile, a report advised Prime Minister Manuel Valls this weekend.