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French press review 15 November 2013

A French priest is abducted in Cameroon. Unions take up the cudgels for Brittany. France's economy continues to flounder. Europe's far-right eurosceptics unite (some of them, anyway).

French press review 14 November 2013

Racism is making front-page news this morning. One paper pays homage to photography ... by not printing any photos. Changes to school hours spark protest.
Marine Le Pen and Geert Wilders present their project
14/11/2013 - France - The Netherlands - European Union

Le Pen, Wilders hope to unite Europe-wide eurosceptic alliance

The leaders of the Dutch and French far right launched an alliance to fight the European Union from within at a meeting on Wednesday in The Hague. Marine Le Pen of France's Front National and Geert Wilders of the Netherlands Party for Freedom (PVV) hope to attract other parties

The front page of Minute insutling Justice Minister Christiane Taubira.
13/11/2013 - Analysis: France

Far-right paper causes storm with racist insult to French justice minister Taubira

A far-right paper in France has caused uproar with a headline comparing Guyanese-born Justice Minister Christiane Taubira to a monkey.
Leonarda Dibrani in Mitrovica, Kosovo
29/10/2013 - France - Kosovo

Deported Roma girl's family bids return to France

The family of the Roma girl thrown out of France after being taken off a school bus has made a legal bid to return to France.

President Francois Hollande makes his statement on the Dibrani case on television on Saturday
20/10/2013 - Analysis: France

Nobody's happy - Hollande fails to defuse Roma schoolgirl deportation row

If French President François Hollande hoped his proposal that Roma schoolgirl Leonarda Dibrani could return to France without her family would be hailed as a judgement of Solomon, he must have ...
Justice Minister Chistiane Taubira speaks in the National Assembly
20/10/2013 - France

Front National threatens to sue French justice minister in racist slur row

France's Front National (FN) says it will sue Justice Minister Christiane Taubira for her reaction to one of its members comparing her to an ape.


French weekly magazines review

A far-right electoral win worries most commentators. A secret government memo warns of anger and cynicism among the electorate. A new book makes new allegations of corruption in the mainstream right.
Leonarda Dibrani in Mitrovica on Thursday
19/10/2013 - France

Roma schoolgirl says no to Hollande offer to return to France alone

The Roma girl snatched off a school bus and deported to Kosovo says she will not take up President François Hollande's offer to return to France without her family.


French press review 19 October 2013

The "Leonarda affair" which has polarised opinion in France since Thursday is still very much on every front page this morning.