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Najat Vallaud-Belkacem in RFI's studios
12/06/2013 - France

French court orders Twitter to give details of racist tweeters

A French court has told Twitter that it must provide anti-racist groups with information about the authors of racist tweets.

Far-right youths on a protest against gay marriage in France earlier this year
12/06/2013 - France

France to ban far-right groups by July

The French government will ban at least two far-right groups at the end of June or the beginning of July,

"Lets wipe racism off our streets!" a Licra poster
11/06/2013 - France

French government backs first-ever anti-racist app

The French government has backed the first-ever anti-racist app for smartphones.

Clément Méric in a photo placed by his group, Action antifasciste, on Facebook.
07/06/2013 - Analysis: France

Who are the French far right?

In the aftermath of the death of anti-fascist activist Clément Méric, French Interior Minister Manuel Valls says that some far-right groups will “without doubt” be ...

Left-wingers pay tribute to Clément Méric on Thursday evening
07/06/2013 - France

Eight questioned over French anti-fascist's death, far-right demo banned

French police have detained eight people acter the death of anti-fascist activist Clément Méric on Wednesday.

06/06/2013 - France

Youth left brain-dead after attack by far right militants in central Paris

A 19 year old far left political activist has been left brain-dead, after being attacked by far right militants in central Paris on Wednesday evening.

Front National leader Marine Le Pen speaks to the party's annual rally on May Day in Paris
02/06/2013 - France - European Union

European parliament set to lift Le Pen immunity over racism case

The European parliament has confirmed reports that French far-right leader Marine Le Pen is likely to lose her immunity from prosecution.

SA editor defends 'anti-Indian' article
01/06/2013 - African Media

SA editor defends 'anti-Indian' article

Dumisane Lubisi, executive editor of South Africa's City Press, defends their decision to publish a controversial article that has been described as dripping with anti-Indian hatred.

Far-right ideologue Dominique Venner
22/05/2013 - France

French right divided over far-right activist's Notre Dame suicide

French right-wingers were divided Wednesday in their response to the suicide of a far-right activist in Paris’s Notre Dame Cathedral.

Racist insults can seriously damage your health
21/05/2013 - Algeria - France

French expatriate fined for calling Algerian 'dirty Arab'

A French expatriate has been given a three-month suspended sentence and fined for calling an Algerian employee a “dirty Arab”.