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C18 graffit in Doubs, eastern France
21/05/2014 - France

French police break up neo-Nazi group who posed armed on internet

French police claim to have broken up a neo-Nazi cell with the arrest of four men in the east of the country.
The French foreign ministry on the Quai d'Orsay, Paris
14/05/2014 - France

French ambassador resigns, accusing foreign ministry of racism

France’s ambassador to Andorra has resigned, accusing the foreign affairs ministry of racial discrimination.
Poster of "Qu'est-ce qu'on a fait au bon Dieu?"
10/05/2014 - France

Box-office sensation parodying racial stereotypes provides antidote to FN

Qu'est-ce qu'on a fait au Bon Dieu? or "What have we done to our dear Lord?" is the latest comedy transcending racial stereotypes that's fast becoming a block-buster hit in France.
The CRAN President Louis-Georges Tin
10/05/2014 - France

Black rights groups urge banks to pay for slavery, Hollande stays stum

Some of France's top banking institutions and richest families are being asked to pay back thousands in compensation to victims of slavery.
Controversial broadcaster Eric Zemmour
09/05/2014 - France

Complaint lodged over broadcaster’s ‘xenophobic raving’ against Chechens, Roma, Africans

French anti-racist campaigners are up in arms after a controversial broadcaster claimed that “gangs of Chechens, Roma, Kosovars, Maghrebins and Africans” are wreaking havoc across ...
President François Hollande lays a wreath at the tomb of the unknown soldier on Thursday
08/05/2014 - France - European Union

'Leaving Europe means leaving history,' Hollande declares as European election nears

French President François Hollande has hit out at Eurosceptics in a special article published in the prestigious Le Monde newspaper.
Dieudonné M'Bala M'Bala
04/05/2014 - Belgium - France

'Anti-Semitic hatefest' banned in Belgium

Belgian authorities have banned a meeting whose guests included French comic Dieudonné after Jewish groups complained it would be an “anti-Semitic hatefest”.

French police clear a Roma camp
16/04/2014 - France

Paris police ordered to drive Roma off streets

France's government was on the defensive this week after a police note ordering the systematic removal of Roma people from one of Paris's wealthiest neighbourhoods was leaked to the media.

Police clear a Roma camp
08/04/2014 - France - Europe

Rights groups slam France's Roma policy on World Romani Day

French police forcibly evicted neatly 3,000 Roma from makeshift camps in the first quarter of 2014, rights campaigners announced on Monday, as Amnesty International cited France as one example of ...
Front National leader Marine Le Pen
04/04/2014 - France

French far-right local councils to ban no-pork menus in schools

The 11 town councils won by France's Front National (FN) in last week's local elections are to refuse to serve no-pork menus in school canteens, party leader Marine Le Pen said on Friday.