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French Interior minister Manuel Valls talks to journalists after the cabinet meeting Wednesday
24/07/2013 - France

France bans two more far-right groups

France’s Socialist government has banned another far-right group along with its youth wing in the aftermath of the killing of anti-fascist activist Clément Méric.

Police patrol inTrappes
21/07/2013 - France

Cars, warehouse burn in French niqab riot town

A warehouse was ablaze near the riot-hit French town of Trappes on Sunday after a second night of clashes between police and youths protesting over the allegedly brutal arrest of a woman wearing ...

Kristian Vikernes, known as "Varg"
19/07/2013 - France

French police release Norwegian neo-Nazi heavy metal musician

Norwegian neo-Nazi Kristian Vikernes walked free from detention in France on Thursday evening after investigators failed to find evidence that he was planning a “terrorist act”.

Hundreds of activists demand justice for Trayvon Martin after marching to Times Square from New York's Union Square, 14 July, 2013
15/07/2013 - Report: United States

Thousands protest in New York at Trayvon Martin verdict

Protestors outraged at the non-guilty verdict in the case over the killing of black teenager Trayvon Martin took to the streets across America yesterday. 

A ceremony paying tribute to the victims of Toulouse killer Mohammed Merah in a Paris synagogue last year
12/07/2013 - France

Twitter hands over details of anti-Semitic tweeters

Twitter has handed over data to the French authorities to help identify the authors of anti-Semitic tweets following legal action by a Jewish students' group.

Troisième Voie leader Serge Ayoub
10/07/2013 - France

France bans three far-right groups

The French government had banned three far-right groups in the aftermath of the killing of anti-fascist activist Clément Méric last month.

Nice mayor Christian Estrosi.
08/07/2013 - France

Nice mayor calls for 'revolt' against travellers' camps

Socialist politicians accused the right-wing mayor of Nice of “practically calling for pogroms” after he called on his fellow mayors to “revolt” against travellers’ ...

04/07/2013 - Report: France

Black and Arab group sues French state over police racial profiling

A judge in France is considering the first ever case in which the French state is accused of racial discrimination for controversial identity checks conducted by the police.

Black and Arab group claims stop and search checks racist
04/07/2013 - On-the-spot France

Black and Arab group claims stop and search checks racist

A judge is considering a case in which 13 men are accusing the French state of racial discrimination. The 13 plaintifs are black or of Arab origin, and all claim they've been the targets of ...

Wearing a burka in public has been illegal in France since 2011
23/06/2013 - France

Muslims cry Islamophobia afer two burka-wearing women attacked near Paris

Several hundred residents of a working-class town near Paris took to the streets on Saturday in protest at two alleged Islamophobic attacks on young women wearing face-covering veils.