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Workers from the Médecins du Monde NGO visit a Roma camp near Paris
30/09/2013 - France - Romania - Bulgaria

France opposes Romania, Bulgaria joining Schengen

France is standing firm in its opposition to Romania and Bulgaria joining the Schengen group of nations, Foreign Affairs Minister Laurent Fabius said Monday.
Eoma living in tents after being thrown ouf of a camp at Villeneuve-d'Ascq, near Lille, in 2012
26/09/2013 - France

French Socialist government's Roma policy under fire from EU

The European Union (EU) has slammed France's policy towards Roma migrants, repeating criticisms made against right-wing former president Nicolas Sarkozy's government.
Lawyers protesting what they call "justice behind bars"
24/09/2013 - Report: France

Planned immigration courts at Paris airport anger lawyers, rights groups

Lawyers and immigrants' rights activists are up in arms about new immigration courts due to open this year near detention centres at Paris’s Charles de Gaulle airport.
Is Martin Luther King a hero in Africa?
28/08/2013 - African news explained

Is Martin Luther King a hero in Africa?

Today marks the 50th anniversary of Martin Luther King's "I have a dream" speech. His legacy and contribution to the civil rights movement is being celebrated across the United States.
Police on the streets of Trappes in July
27/08/2013 - France

Alleged Islamophobe attack victim attempts suicide

A 16-year-old girl who claimed to have suffered an Islamophobic attack in the tense French town of Trappes this month was set to undergo surgery on Tuesday after trying to commit suicide.

Police in Trappes last Saturday
24/07/2013 - France

Racism on French police Facebook page investigated

French police are investigating claims that serving officers posted “violent and sometimes racist content” on a Facebook page. The comments followed last week’s rioting in the town of Trappes

French Interior minister Manuel Valls talks to journalists after the cabinet meeting Wednesday
24/07/2013 - France

France bans two more far-right groups

France’s Socialist government has banned another far-right group along with its youth wing in the aftermath of the killing of anti-fascist activist Clément Méric.
Police patrol inTrappes
21/07/2013 - France

Cars, warehouse burn in French niqab riot town

A warehouse was ablaze near the riot-hit French town of Trappes on Sunday after a second night of clashes between police and youths protesting over the allegedly brutal arrest of a woman wearing ...
Kristian Vikernes, known as "Varg"
19/07/2013 - France

French police release Norwegian neo-Nazi heavy metal musician

Norwegian neo-Nazi Kristian Vikernes walked free from detention in France on Thursday evening after investigators failed to find evidence that he was planning a “terrorist act”.
Hundreds of activists demand justice for Trayvon Martin after marching to Times Square from New York's Union Square, 14 July, 2013
15/07/2013 - Report: United States

Thousands protest in New York at Trayvon Martin verdict

Protestors outraged at the non-guilty verdict in the case over the killing of black teenager Trayvon Martin took to the streets across America yesterday.