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Non-Muslim community in The Gambia
09/02/2016 - International report

Non-Muslim community in The Gambia

It's been nearly two months since President Yahya Jammeh declared The Gambia an Islamic State, day to day life appears to have fallen into the same pattern.
Mixed schools in Jaffa
08/02/2016 - International report

Mixed schools in Jaffa

Attempts by parents in Israel to provide a non-religious education for their kids have run into opposition from local authorities who say it’s not the job of parent groups to set up new school ...

French weekly magazine review 7 February 2016

Lots and lots of different opinions in this week's French weeklies. While Le Point criticises British Premier David Cameron, L'Obs is concerned about the state of French schools.
French Prime Minsiter Manuel Valls
22/01/2016 - France

French Prime Minister Valls slams chief of divided secularism watchdog

Prime Minister Manuel Valls has publicly criticised the head of France's observatory on secularism, in a debate on Islamophobia, religion and the French state which has seen several of the watchdog's ...
Indian court bans bullfighting at Tamil Nadu festival
18/01/2016 - International report

Indian court bans bullfighting at Tamil Nadu festival

India’s highest court last week outlawed a medieval bull-baiting ritual during a winter harvest festival in Tamil Nadu after rights activists called the event cruel and abusive.
33 days of Christmas in Nigerian port
29/12/2015 - International report

33 days of Christmas in Nigerian port

Calabar, a sea port city in south-east Nigeria, celebrates Christmas for 33 days - making it a place to have fun during the festive season.The Christmas festival, which runs from 31 November to 1 ...
Kenyans head home for Christmas
28/12/2015 - International report

Kenyans head home for Christmas

In Kenya, where someone celebrates Christmas matters almost as much as the festival's religious significance.
Béziers mayor Robert Ménard
27/12/2015 - FRANCE

Far-right French mayor slams Muslims protecting churches at Christmas

A far-right French mayor has sparked controversy with a tweet slamming Muslims who symbolically "protected" churches from terror attacks on Christmas day as "arsonists protecting ...
The prayer hall that was attacked in Ajaccio, Corsica
26/12/2015 - FRANCE

Mob attacks Muslim prayer hall in Corsica

A Muslim prayer hall on the French Mediterranean island of Corsica was ransacked by a mob who tried to set fire to copies of the Koran on Friday

Muslims join Christians for Christmas in Senegal
25/12/2015 - International report

Muslims join Christians for Christmas in Senegal

Senegal is a secular state, the vast majorirty of whose citizens follow the Muslim faith. Muslims and Christians live side by side, with no neighbourhoods defined by religion.