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French press review 26 January 2015

Greece is the main story on the majority of this morning's French front pages.

Mohammed, David and Solomon depicted in the 1436 Book of the Ascension of the Prophet
20/01/2015 - Analysis: Middle East - France

Islam’s never-ending debate on depiction of the prophet

For several days the question of the depiction of the prophet Mohammed has been widely debated thanks to the front pages of the satirical paper Charlie Hebdo.

French press review 19 January 2015

The attacks on Charlie Hebdo and a kosher supermarket two weeks ago are still on everybody's mind here in France.

A man branishes a Koran in front of a burning car and a mosque in Niamey, 17 January 2015
18/01/2015 - NIGER - FRANCE

Ten killed in Niger during anti-Charlie protests

Deadly riots and destruction on Saturday in Niger’s capital; ongoing tensions on display with a police crackdown on an unrelated political march on Sunday.

Demonstrators in Karachi on Friday condemn Charlie Hebdo's publication of cartoons of the prophet Mohammed
16/01/2015 - France - Pakistan - Russia

Thousands protest Charlie Hebdo Mohammed cartoon in Pakistan, Russia bans publication

Demonstrators clashed with police in the Pakistani city of Karachi as protests against Charlie Hebdo’s Mohammed front page hit several of the country’s cities.
16/01/2015 - Report: Italy - Syria

Two Italian aid worker hostages in Syria released

Two Italian aid workers taken hostage in Syria five months ago have been released and arrived in Rome over Thursday night.

Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sissi
15/01/2015 - Report: Egypt

Egypt's President al Sisi moves to ban foreign publications seen as offensive to religion

The decree grants the Prime Minister the power to ban the re-publication and distribution of material produced abroad.
Manuel Valls, carrying the latest edition of Charlie Hebdo, 14 Jan, 2015
15/01/2015 - France

No blasphemy law in France reminds Valls

Blasphemy does not exist as a legal offence in France.


French weekly magazines review 11 January 2015

This week's top story was still moving and unresolved when the French weeklies published but there is less coverage of the Charlie Hebdo affair than one might have expected in them.
French police at Porte de Vincennes where a gunmam opened fire at a kosher grocery, 9 january 2015.
09/01/2015 - France

Hostage-taking at Paris kosher supermarket linked to Charlie Hebdo killers

A heavily armed man took at least five people in a kosher supermarket in Paris on Friday.