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Haile Selassie, Ethiopian emperor and "elect of God", died 40 years ago
27/08/2015 - Ethiopia

Lion of Judah or pro-Western dictator? Haile Selasse still debated 40 years after his death

On 27 August 1975 a French reporter phoned the Ethiopian imperial palace, which had been overrun by Marxist army officers the previous year. Haile Selassie I came to the phone.
26/08/2015 - South Sudan

South Sudan's Kiir signs peace agreement despite 'reservations'

South Sudan's President Salva Kiir on Wednesday signed a peace agreement aiming to end the country’s 20-month conflict.
Supreme Court Justice Smokin Wanjala (R) with other judges, 25 March 2013
25/08/2015 - Kenya

Kenyan court ruling on teacher pay will alleviate 'hardship'

Kenya’s Supreme Court on Monday said that the government must give teachers a pay rise of at least 50 per cent, upholding an earlier court ruling.
Rescued asylum-seekers about to disembark in port of Palermo, Sicily
24/08/2015 - Libya - Italy - France

Drama and joy at sea as MSF rescues children as young as 11

A growing number of West African children — some as young as 11 — are onboard unseaworthy vessels bound for Europe, warns French medical charity MSF, also known as Doctors Without ...
Algerians celebrated 50 years of independence in 2012
21/08/2015 - Algeria

Ghost of French colonialism haunts education debate in Algeria

A proposal for changing the way school children in Algeria learn how to read and write has sparked a storm of protest, underscoring sensitivities about language half a century after independence from ...
Jean-Marie Le Pen has been stripped of his membership, but will make a formal appeal
21/08/2015 - FRANCE

Mixed reactions after French Front National kicks out party founder

A day after Jean-Marie Le Pen was stripped of his membership by the National Front’s executive committee, members and experts comment on how this will affect the future of the party, especially ...
Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras in the Greek parliament
20/08/2015 - Greece

Greece to face new election after EU resumes bailout programme

Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras is to resign next Thursday and an early election should take place on 20 September, a government spokesperson said Thursday.
20/08/2015 - Mauritania

Jailed Mauritanian anti-slavery activist to boycott court hearing

A former slave who stood for the presidency of Mauritania is due back in court Thursday.
Pro-Tobruk forces have waged a losing battle against the Islamic State armed group
17/08/2015 - Libya

Tobruk-based Libya government calls for airstrikes on IS-held city

The internationally recognised government of Libya is calling on Arab countries to bomb positions held by the Islamic State (IS) armed group on its soil.
Doha, Qatar.
17/08/2015 - Qatar

Qatar labour reform no fundamental change for migrant workers, expert

Qatar is getting ready to implement labour reforms that will guarantee wages for its 1.2 million migrant workers.