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Robert Mugabe
Drought and high temperatures have wreaked havoc on the maize crop in Zimbabwe
05/02/2016 - ZIMBABWE

Zimbabwe's Mugabe declares state of emergency over drought

Zimbabwe's President Robert Mugabe has declared a state of disaster after a drought hit rural parts of the country.

African press review 14 January 2015

Tanzania's economy is doing very nicely, thank you, mainly due to a construction and mining boom.
Robert Mugabe during his birthday party, February 2015
29/12/2015 - Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe teachers paid too late for Christmas after threatening to strike

In an effort to stave off a national teachers strike, the Zimbabwean government released funds on Tuesday to pay teachers who had gone without pay during the holiday season, says the largest teachers ...

African press review 8 October 2015

African press applauds China's offer to build 100 hospitals in Africa as Sino African health development forum closes in Cape Town; Boko Haram insurgents meet deadly fire in daring attack on Yobe ...

African press review 17 September 2015

The troubled situation in Burkina Faso is attracting editorial attention across Africa, even if the papers all seem to be sharing the same morsels of reliable information.

French press review 12 August 2015

Zimbabwe's ruling ZANU/PF party faces an implosion as the battle to succeed 91-year-old Robert Mugabe looms.

African press review 10 April 2015

Cecil John Rhodes is finally dragged off the Cape Town University campus. Robert Mugabe promises to improve Zimbabwe's infrastructure.

African press review 9 April 2015

Cape Town University decides to dump colonial symbol Cecil John Rhodes. Robert Mugabe gets the star treatment on his visit to South Africa, but why is he there?

African press review 8 April 2015

France and South Africa decide to resuscitate a decade-old trade agreement; Cape Town University is today going to decide the fate of Cecil John Rhodes; Robert Mugabe visits South Africa for the ...

African press review 23 March 2015

South Africa's opposition Democratic Alliance will not take part in a "secret process" to cover up President Jacob Zuma’s financial liability regarding the security upgrades to his ...