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Robert Mugabe

African press review 11 April 2014

Was Jesus Christ married? Did Abacha's son rob Nigeria? Has Mugabe slandered Nigerians? And are white people lying about Jacob Zuma?


African press review 24 February 2014

Presidents are making the news this morning in Algeria, Zimbabwe and Uganda.


African press review 21 February 2014

The Nigerian central bank governor is in hot water and the markets are not happy. Official Zimbawe prepares to pay tribute to Mugabe but Zanu-PF appears divided over salarygate. 


African press review 16 January 2014

Is the Uganda army fighting rebels in South Sudan,  the constitutional referendum in Egypt and UN concerns over Nigeria's new anti-gay law, are all topics in today's African papers.


African press review 13 January 2014

The ANC's 2014 election manifesto, funding stalls power project in Zimbabwe and the military intervention in South Sudan are all topics in today's African papers.


African press review 08 January 2014

Heavy policing for Morsi's trial. South Sudanese refugees bring ammo into Uganda. Ugandan troops' role in South Sudan comes under the spotlight.


African press review 07 January 2014

South Africa's debt and Robert Mugabe's health are among the stories in today's African papers ...


African press review 06 January 2014

Corruption in Malawi, poor food production in Zimbabwe and Kenyan teachers are among today's stories in Africa ...


African press review 02 January 2014

The youth wage subsidy in South Africa,  indigenisation laws in Zimbabwe and a grenade attack in Kenya are all topics in today's African papers.


African press review 18 December 2013

A doctors' strike hits Kenya's public hospitals but private ones try to reap the benefits. Kenyans try to flee South Sudan. Kiir's enemies deny they plotted a coup.