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Anti-missile system SAMP/T by Thales, in Kielce, southern Poland, 2 September 2014.
29/09/2014 - France - Poland - Russia

Poland pressures France over Mistral deal with Russia

Poland said on Monday that the possibility that France could supply Russia with a Mistral warship makes it difficult for Warsaw to opt for French missile shields.

Moldova's wine market may dry up as Russia and EU fall out
24/09/2014 - International report

Moldova's wine market may dry up as Russia and EU fall out

Moldova may be the poorest country in Europe but one thing the former Soviet republic does have is wine.Most of it is sold in the former USSR but as Moldova moves closer to the European Union, Russia ...

African press review 17 September 2014

Mugabe backs Putin. Lesotho is to have an early election. Nigerian soldiers are sentenced to death.

French press review 5 September 2014

Concerns about Nigeria losing control of Borno state, Nato’s credibility and ex-First Girl Friend Valérie Trierweiler's best-selling book dominate the front pages of the French dailies ...
The Mistral-class helicopter carrier Vladivostok at the STX Les Chantiers de l'Atlantique shipyard site in Saint-Nazaire, 4 September 2014.
04/09/2014 - France - Russia

France suspends delivery of warships to Russia

France was decided not  to deliver the first of two helicopter carriers to Russia for now because of Moscow's actions in eastern Ukraine, the French president's office said on Wednesday.


African press review 4 September 2014

In Lesotho, the prime minister, Thomas Thabane, is back in town, but the Maseru newspapers appear to have missed his return.

French press review 4 September 2014

What have this morning's editions of the catholic daily paper, La Croix, and communist L'Humanité, got in common?

French press review 3 September 2014

Putin challenges Europe. Iraqi Kurds flee the Islamic State. France’s Socialist government gets tough with the unemployed.

French press review 2 September 2014

Putin faces tough choices over Ukraine. French bosses fail to invest in new technology. An ayatollah hates 3G. And French kids go back to school amid a row over changes in education.

30/08/2014 - France - Europe

EU to increase Russian sanctions over Ukraine

EU leaders are looking to increase sanctions against Russia on Saturday during a summit in Brussels.