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French press review 17 April 2014

Algeria and austerity share the honours on this morning's French front pages.

Syrian asylum-seekers in Calais, France, last year
15/04/2014 - France

France asylum-seekers' system 'in crisis', report

France's system for handling asylum-seekers is "in crisis", according to a parliamentary report that highlights long-drawn-out and ineffective procedures and spending way over budget.


French press review 15 April 2014

Ukraine makes the front pages of Le Monde and Libération. Le Figaro falls out of love with Manuel Valls. La Croix looks at the church in Rwanda.

A pro-Russian gunman in Slaviansk, Ukraine
14/04/2014 - France - United Kingdom - Ukraine - Russia

Hollande, Cameron condemn Ukraine violence

French President François Hollande and British Prime Minister David Cameron have jointly condemned "violence" in Ukraine after pro-Russian rebels stormed government offices in ...

Jean-Marie Le Guen.
13/04/2014 - France - Ukraine

France would support new sanctions on Russia

France has said it will support new sanctions if a military escalation occurs amid intensifying tensions in Ukraine between pro-Russian militants and Kiev-controlled security forces.

John Kerry and Sergei Lavrov earlier this month in London.
30/03/2014 - France - Russia - United States

Kerry and Lavrov to tackle Ukraine in Paris talks

US Secretary of State John Kerry is to meet with his Russian counterpart late Sunday afternoon in Paris in a bid to ease global tensions over the Kremlin’s seizure of Crimea and military ...


French press review 27 March 2014

Ukraine and Sunday's second round of the French local elections are the main topics today ...


French press review 25 March 2014

The French front pages are still filled with analysis, vituperation and various sorts of blather associated with the ongoing local elections.

French Defence Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian
21/03/2014 - France - Ukraine - Russia

France suspends most military cooperation with Russia

France is suspending the majority of its military cooperation with Russia amid the ongoing turmoil in Ukraine, French Defence Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian said Friday during a trip to Baltic ...

 "Guerrilla gardeners" to defend a city park in Georgia
20/03/2014 - International report

"Guerrilla gardeners" to defend a city park in Georgia

In the country of Georgia, a small group of self-styled “guerilla gardeners” are all that’s standing between a city park and a luxury hotel development.