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Entrepreneurship in Senegal, part 2
27/10/2015 - International report

Entrepreneurship in Senegal, part 2

Do you know where your food comes from? In Senegal, the locavore movement is growing. A locavore is one who eats foods grown locally whenever possible.
The golden sarcophagus of King Tutankhamun in his burial chamber at the Valley of the Kings, close to Luxor.
12/10/2015 - Report: Egypt

New research on Nefertiti's tomb whips up enthusiasm, and criticism

It's a theory that has got everyone talking - starting with archeologists.
Japan's Prime Minister Shinzo Abe
03/10/2015 - France - Japan

French PM Valls discusses nuclear, China, culture on Japan visit

French Prime Minister Manuel Valls met Japanese PM Shinzo Abe on Saturday during a three-day visit to the country

Sperm is injected into an egg in an in vitro fertilisation lab
18/09/2015 - France

French research team patents lab-grown human sperm cells

French researchers say they have patented a method to create in-vitro human sperm using stem cells harvested from infertile men.


French press review 26 August 2015

Le Monde leads with the consequences the Monday's stock market crash saying it has put the Chinese regime to a test.
Firefights at the Cité des Sciences et Industries Museum at La Villette in Paris on Thursday
20/08/2015 - France

Huge fire at Paris science museum

A huge fire broke out overnight at one of Europe's biggest science museums, the Cité des sciences in Paris, engulfing a building site of some 10,000 metres in smoke and flames.
Kenya's President, Uhuru Kenyatta, a left-hander
13/08/2015 - Africa

African lefties speak out on International Left-Handers Day

How left-handers are perceived is changing in Africa, says Armand Butera, a member of the Left-handers club in Kigali, as members celebrate International Left-Handers day worldwide.

Antiretrovirals used in the treatement of HIV/Aids.
21/07/2015 - FRANCE - Canada

French teen born with HIV in remission 12 years on

A French teenager born with HIV has been in remission for 12 years after stopping her medication, a world first that renews hope for the prospect of early treatment.
Sheep - not genetically modified as far as we know
23/06/2015 - FRANCE

GM jellyfish-lamb sold as meat in France

French authorities are looking into how a lamb genetically modified with a jellyfish fluorescent protein was sold as meat to an unknown customer in Paris reported daily Le Parisien.

Russian president Vladimir Putin at a press conference, 18 December 2014
07/06/2015 - RUSSIA

Russian scientists stage rare anti-government protest

Several thousand protesters, including scientists and intellectuals, took to the streets of Moscow on Saturday to express fears for the future of scientific research, which is becoming mired in red ...