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Socialist Party

French press review 25 May 2015

The decline in the active membership of French political parties has Le Monde worried. Only the far-right Front National has been able to reverse the trend.

French press review 21 May 2015

After middle school teachers, who were on strike earlier this week, it was the turn of hospital staff to down scalpels Thursday in protest of plans to increase their hours.

French press review 19 May 2015

Some French schools are closed today as teachers protest against proposals to reform secondary education. The debate continues to generate lots of heat but not much light.

French press review 18 May 2015

Doubt, discord and dissension in Socialist ranks. What does the Paris government really think about Jean-Claude Juncker's immigration quotas?

French press review 16 May 2015

Members are deserting the ranks of the French Socialist Party. Le Monde attempts to find out why.

French weekly magazines review 5 April 2015

Editorialists examine the consequences of President Francois Hollande's third consecutive electoral defeat, and the political uncertainties facing Nicolas Sarkozy's opposition conservative UMP party ...

French press review 2 April 2015

Trouble and strife at Radio France, the spreading scourge of spray-painting and other forms of vandalism, the limits to gender equality in French politics and unblocking the current political system ...

French press review 1 April 2015

France's "taxation hell", corrupt cops, organ donations and the dangers of anti-terrorism are among the subjects in this morning's French papers.


French press review 31 March 2015

More political fallout from last Sunday's departmental elections and France's sick medical stystem are among the sublects in this morning's French papers.


French press review 30 March 2015

Departmental elections (again), Syria and endebted Greeks are some of the topics catching editorial eyes this Monday morning.