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Socialist Party
Portrait of Jean Jaurès by Nadar, 1898
31/07/2014 - France

French politicians dispute Socialist Jaurès’s legacy 100 years after assassination

France pays tribute to Socialist martyr Jean Jaurès on Thursday on the 100th anniversary of his murder by a right-wing nationalist on the eve of World War I.

Paris taxi drivers protest against Uber in January
11/07/2014 - France - US

France to ban car-share start-ups from using apps after taxi protests

France is to ban car-share start-ups from using mobile phone apps to attract fares in an attempt to resolve a dispute between taxi drivers and companies like US-based Uber, which they claim are ...

French Prime minister Manuel Valls, in a ministerial meeting to prepare the Social Summit in Paris July 2, 2014.
02/07/2014 - France

France retreats on early retirement for workers in tough jobs

French Prime Minister Manuel Valls ceded ground to employers on Wednesday in a spat with unions over a new system to compensate workers in physically demanding jobs. The measures have been ...

French Education minister, Benoît Hamon justifies scrapping the "ABCD" gender-equality program.
01/07/2014 - France

Gender equality teaching out, new non-binding measures in

France is to replace a controversial gender-equality school program with non-compulsory teacher-training measures.

French cabinet minister Jean-Marie Le Guen in RFI's studios
27/06/2014 - France

Millionaire minister underestimates wealth in French government transparency drive

French government minister Jean-Marie Le Guen has been taken to task by the government’s watchdog for underestimating how much he was worth in the first-ever public declaration of cabinet ...

Union leader Thierry Lepaon believes he failed to convince the public of the need for the rail strike
25/06/2014 - France

Controversial French rail reform passed as strike ends

France’s controversial rail reform was passed on Tuesday after a 14-day strike that caused chaos to start with but crumbled as the bill made its way through parliament.

Prime minister Manuel Valls in his first speech to the National Assembly
14/06/2014 - France

The Socialist Party could die if it doesn't stick together, says French PM

In his first speech as Prime Minister to the Socialist' National Council, Manuel Valls painted a bleak picture of the party's future.

French Justice minister Christiane Taubira defends her bill on Tuesday
04/06/2014 - France

French right on warpath over Socialists’ prison reform bill

France’s Justice Minister Christiane Taubira proposed scrapping Sarkozy-era minimum sentences as part of a long-awaited reform of the criminal justice system she put to the French parliament ...

Marine Le pen, Front National president, Sunday 25 May
26/05/2014 - France - EU

Reckoning begins in France after major Front National victory in EU elections

Though a victory for France’s far right National Front party in the European elections was widely predicted, the scale of its success has shocked French politicians across the spectrum.


French press review 24 May 2014

More on the European elections - the vote which takes place tomorrow in France makes the front page of all three main dailies, centrist Le Monde, right-wing Le Figaro and ...