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24/08/2014 - Europe

18 Migrants die off the coast of Italy

The Italian coast guard confirmed on Sunday that eighteen people were found dead on an inflatable dinghy that was floating south of the island Lampedusa. 73 Survivors were rescued.

The body of Somali member of parliament Sado Ali Warsame lies next to a vehicle in Mogadishu
24/07/2014 - Report: Somalia

Al-Shebab murders Somali woman MP

Somalia's armed Islamists al-Shebab have shot and killed a female Somali lawmaker on Wednesday in Mogadishu. Sado Ali Warsameh was the second Somali MP killed in less than a month, police and ...

Isbaheysiga Mosque in Mogadishu
16/07/2014 - Somalia

Somalia firing squad executes al-Shebab members for nurse's murder

A Somali firing squad has executed two men found guilty of murdering Nafisa Osman, a nurse working in a foreign-funded clinic, officials and relatives said Tuesday.

Delegates attend the first United Nations Environment Assembly (UNEA) in Kenya's capital Nairobi
26/06/2014 - Somalia - Kenya

Illegal charcoal trade funding Somalia's al-Shebab

The illegal trade in charcoal is funding al-Shebab operations in the Horn of Africa, according to a United Nations report launched in Nairobi during the inaugural United Nations Environment ...

An Al-Shebab fighter
03/06/2014 - Report: Somalia

At least 74 dead in Somali/Ethiopian clash with Al-Shebab

At least 74 people were killed in fighting near Somalia's border with Ethiopia on Sunday, according to officials and witnesses.

After the attack against La Chaumière restaurant, popular with Westerners in Djibouti
29/05/2014 - Report: Somalia - Djibouti

Al-Shebab claims Djibouti bombing, targets French

In Somalia al-Shebab has claimed responsibility for the weekend's two deadly bomb attacks on a Djibouti restaurant. Westerners, especially French commandos, were the target, the ...


African press review 7 May 2014

Where else but South Africa this morning, as the Rainbow Nation votes to elect a new parliament.


African press review 6 May 2014

SA's election coverage neglects the issues, a paper claims. Have extra-judicial killings started in Kenya? Europe sends observers to Egypt.


African press review 5 May 2014

Violences in Nairobi and Mombasa, this week's World Economic Forum on Africa, Ugandan Fatwa on mobile phone ring tones and upcoming general elections in South africa are all topics in today's ...

World press freedom day in Africa
05/05/2014 - African news explained

World press freedom day in Africa

Although the world celebrated freedom of the press at the weekend, many African governments cast a baleful eye on journalists.