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South Africa

African press review 21 August 2014

In African headlines, Nigeria denies a mutiny in the army, Liberia's government comes under fire for its curfew, Uganda passes a controversial anti-HIV bill and South African TV actors hog the ...


African press review 20 August 2014

Ebola is making headlines in the West African news, Kenya needs to bring its food supplies out of the silos and into the fields, and South Africa looks at research on how to lose weight.


African press review 19 August 2014

Nigeria is looking to bats to combat Ebola, South Africa goes out on a limb at the SADC summit and Uganda's boys step into manhood, leaving a part of themselves behind.

18/08/2014 - Interview - Technology

M-Pesa mobile money brings African technology to Europe: 'sky's the limit' says founder

African technology has migrated to Europe with the launch of the mobile money technology M-Pesa in Romania.


African press review 18 August 2014

Liberia's press is buzzing with the attack on an Ebola care unit in Monrovia, Kenya's press tallies up the bill for the war on terror and tyres get a second lease on life in South Africa.


African press review 15 August 2014

We begin with race against time being run in Nigeria to halt the spread of the deadly Ebola virus which has killed four people and infected close to a dozen others.


African press review 14 August 2014

Ebola is hogging the headlines in African papers today.


African press review 13 August 2014

Liberia receives experimental drugs from the US to treat Ebola, Uganda debates a bill on genetically modified crops, and Nigeria's abducted schoolgirls continue to be a thorn for Goodluck ...


African press review 12 August 2014

In Nigeria, doctors are complaining about their insurance schemes.


African press review 11 August 2014

In Nigeria, the church is adopting measures to fight Ebola.