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South Africa

African press review 7 July 2015

Warnings that South Africa is becoming a golden handshake republic, as the government splashes out millions of rand to pay for their errors.

African press review 6 July 2015

We begin with reactions in South Africa to the drama unfolding in Greece after the massive rejection in a referendum of the bailout plan proposed by international creditors to prevent the country ...

African press review 4 July 2015

Burundi continues to dominate the continental news agenda, with another death in clashes in Bujumbura and another crisis meeting of regional leaders.

African press review 3 July 2015

South Africa takes an interest in Lesotho's security. Boko Haram allegedly murders Muslims in north-east Nigeria. Burundi's election commission refuses to recognise an opposition boycott of polls.

African press review 1 July 2015

The debate continues in South Africa about whether a chicken coop and a swimming pool constitute security upgrades at Presedent Zuma's private home in KwaZulu Natal.

African press review 27 June 2015

African columnists disturbed by South Africa's graft-scarred reputation, Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari's blunt message to a popular cartoonist and a 900-euro dinner in Nairobi for Lupita ...

African press review 26 June 2015

The blame game breaks out in South Africa as President Jacob Zuma unveils a damning report on the Marikana killings.

African press review 25 June 2015

Will the Pretoria government face legal action from South African courts for allowing International Criminal Court suspect Omar al-Bashir to leave the country after the recent African Union summit?

African press review 24 June 2015

Did Cairo and Khartoum conspire to assassinate South Sudan's president? At least one Saudi diplomat believes they did and WikiLeaks has a letter to prove it.
US millenium generation anti-stigma documentaries
24/06/2015 - Culture in France

US millenium generation anti-stigma documentaries

Andrew Jenks from the US looks at the world with the help of a camera lens. In fact he shows a world which he says too many people try their best to avoid.