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South Africa

African press review 25 April 2015

The South African press comes under attack for showing the nation's ugliest face to the world.

African press review 24 April 2015

The Nigerian press offers hectic coverage of the transition of power at Aso Rock Palace as President-elect Muhammadu Buhari consults his party on the cabinet pen picks and fine-tunes his act ahead of ...

African press review 23 April 2015

A Nigerian woman is sentenced to 226 years in a multi-million naira graft case.
Violence in South Africa has targeted foreigners
23/04/2015 - Africa

Nigerian Senate calls for more action on xenophobia in South Africa

Tensions are brewing between Africa’s two main powerhouses, Nigeria and South Africa, with the Nigerian Senate calling on the International Criminal Court to investigate Zulu King Goodwill ...
Miami Heat forward Luol Deng (right) dribbles the ball in the match against Detroit Pistons.
22/04/2015 - Sport - Basketball

First NBA game in Africa to be played in Johannesburg

The NBA announced its first game in Africa that will take place in August featuring players from the African continent.


African press review 22 April 2015

The South African press decries the rainbow nation's moment of shame as civil society leaders rally to repair the ravages of xenophobic attacks on foreigners.

African press review 21 April 2015

The Zulu king blames the media for the current wave of violence against foreigners in South Africa, as President Jacob Zuma has his own gripe against the press.

African press review 20 April 2015

A warning to those organising violence against foreigners in South Africa, the possibility that the Kenyan armed forces trained some of the young men now fighting for the Al-Shebab militia and ...
Foreign men from Malawi queue to board buses from a camp for those affected by anti-immigrant violence in Chatsworth north of Durban, April 18, 2015
19/04/2015 - South Africa

South Africa warned not to forget its history, as police clamps down on xenophobic violence

South Africa is facing growing condemnation from its neighbours for its inability to reign in xenophobic violence.

African press review 18 April 2015

Xenophobia continues to make front-page news in South Africa, Kenya's president shakes up the army and the cabinet, the UN Security Council is worried about Burundi and another United Nations agency ...