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South Africa

African press review 1 December 2015

The Cop21 climate conference, a new scandal in Kenyan athletics and the appointment of five cabinet secretaries are the stories vying for top spot in Nairobi.

African press review 30 November 2015

UN Secretary-General Ban-ki Moon wants to send more peacekeepers to South Sudan.

African press review 28 November 2015

The head of the Roman Catholic church Pope Francis arrives in Uganda, calling that country "a great nation". He probably hasn't yet had time to talk to too many opposition figures.

African press review 27 November 2015

An estimated one million people braved torrential rain to attend yesterday's papal mass in Nairobi.

African press review 23 November 2015

African press predicts 30-year struggle to overcome trrorism and jihad in the Middle East; Is NATO's regime change policies fuelling Jihad in the Middle East?; And Jihadists square off in twitter ...

African press review 21 November 2015

The Mali hotel attack is on many African front pages . . . with various versions of the story depending on when the web sites were updated.


African press review 20 November 2015

Tanzania gets a former schoolteacher as its new prime minister. Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta urges Burundian leader Pierre Nkurunziza to revive peace talks and prevent civil war.

African press review 19 November 2015

Kenya continues to arm-wrestle with the International Criminal Court; the authorities in Egypt accept that a bomb caused last month's Sinai plane crash; an American politician advises Ugandans to ...
Jonah Lomu scored 37 tries during his New Zealand international career.
18/11/2015 - Rugby

All Black giant Jonah Lomu dies aged 40

Jonah Lomu was awaiting a kidney transplant when he died suddenly on Wednesday in Auckland. He had battled a serious condition since 1996.

African press review 18 November 2015

The authorities in Egypt refuse to accept Russian suggestions that last month's Sinai plane crash was caused by a bomb.