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South Africa

African press review 26 May 2015

Is the Nigerian fuel crisis over? That's a question being asked from Abuja to Pretoria, and the answers proposed are, frankly, contradictory.
Africa's small-scale farmers have needs, too
26/05/2015 - Spotlight on Africa

Africa's small-scale farmers have needs, too

Africans around the world celebrated unity day on Monday, and many will continue to fete the benefits of a united continent this week.

African press review 25 May 2015

Burundi, Nigeria and South Sudan are all making headlines this morning. South Africa is suffering from a shortage of medicines, including antiretrovirals, in state-run hospitals and clinics.
Burundian refugees rest with their belongings on the shores of Lake Tanganyika in Kagunga village, in western Tanzania's Kigoma region
23/05/2015 - Burundi-Uganda-Tanzania

Burundi turmoil ensnares first Tanzania, now Uganda in refugee crisis

Aid agencies in Uganda are expecting an influx of up to 15,000 refugees from Burundi in the coming weeks, as the political situation in Bujumbura deteriorates.


African press review 23 May 2015

The Kenyan press celebrates a beatification event in the central highlands, while the South African media says Johannesburg is illegally cutting off residents’ water supply.


African press review 22 May 2015

The row over high heels at the Cannes Film Festival features in the African papers.

African press review 21 May 2015

More than 500 pending cases in Nigeria's military courts, the South African government's U-turn on Gauteng's toll road system, East Africa as the hub for illegal wildlife trade on the continent and ...

African press review 20 May 2015

We begin with continuing speculation in the Nigerian press about the fate of the more than 200 Chibok girls whose kidnapping by Boko Haram revealed the barbaric designs of the Islamic sect to the ...

African press review 19 May 2015

The strike slowing construction work at a South African electricity plant appears to be losing steam. The African National Congress wants no truck with hostile journalists.
South Africa cracks down on illegal immigration
19/05/2015 - Spotlight on Africa

South Africa cracks down on illegal immigration

South Africa's government has come under international criticism for what's been called their 'heavy handed' approach to cracking down on illegal immigrants.