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French press review 27 February 2015

French papers ignore “Jihadi John” but take a look in-depth at Boko Haram. France still waits for better economic times, although it is doing well in innovation.

French Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve.
21/02/2015 - France - United States

France turns to tech giants in fight against online terrorist propaganda

France has turned to the high-tech heavyweights of Silicon Valley to help tackle online propaganda from armed groups like the Islamic State.

16/02/2015 - Africa - Cybercrime

Lack of laws governing cybercrime making Africa a safe haven for cybercriminals, interview

Cybercrime is on the increase worldwide with some estimates putting the cost to the global economy at more than 500 billion euros a year.
Drones, smart TVs, is privacy a thing of the past?
15/02/2015 - International media

Drones, smart TVs, is privacy a thing of the past?

In this week's International Media, RFI speaks to Dan Nesbitt, Research Director at Big Brother Watch in London, about the new and sometimes surprising ways our lives are being invaded.


African press review 20 January 2015

Treating ebola, a spat between Kenya and Tanzania, Africa's technological future - all in today's papers ...

06/01/2015 - FRANCE - USA

Facebook buys French voice recognition startup

Facebook has bought, a startup specialising in voice recognition, which was created by three French men now based in California.



Arianespace Soyuz VS10 ready for launch at Sinnamary in French Guiana, 18 December 2014.
18/12/2014 - French Guyana

Soyuz to provide internet to three billion people

Four satellites were to be launched from French Guiana on Thursday with the goal of providing more affordable internet to countries with minimal service.

24/11/2014 - FRANCE

Thales and Siemens win 500 million euros contract for trains in Spain

The French and German firms won the contract for modernising systems on a high-speed train line in Spain.

Dublin Web Summit: part 5
21/11/2014 - International report

Dublin Web Summit: part 5

In the last of our series from this month's Web Summit in Dublin, we hear from two organisations founded in Ireland.
Dublin Web Summit: part 4
20/11/2014 - International report

Dublin Web Summit: part 4

Earlier this month 22-thousand people attended the Web Summit in the Irish capital Dublin. Several Nigerian start up companies were among the exhibitors hoping to stand out from the crowd.