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18/08/2014 - Interview - Technology

M-Pesa mobile money brings African technology to Europe: 'sky's the limit' says founder

African technology has migrated to Europe with the launch of the mobile money technology M-Pesa in Romania.

Anon_0x03 posted several tweets on Major Chirchir's account
25/07/2014 - Report: Kenya - Anonymous

Kenyan army ‘good target’ for cyber attacks and we’ll carry out more, says Anonymous

Hacktivist group Anonymous may carry out more cyber attacks against the Kenyan government, one of its members has told RFI.

Google's BebaPay card uses Near Field Communication (NFC) technology to make transactions
21/07/2014 - Interview

Kenya's cash vs cashless minibus payment battle over by end of year, says Google

The rollout of a innovative new cashless payment system for minibuses in Kenya has been delayed, in what's seen as a fight between new technology and the infamous Matatus.

The app 'Uber' on a display of a smartphone in front of a taxi.
21/07/2014 - France

Minicab drivers to protest new law in Paris

The ongoing taxi wars in Paris show no sign of abating as private minicab (VTC) drivers are set to protest a new law on Monday.

Graphene, the future of high-tech
19/07/2014 - Webwatch

Graphene, the future of high-tech

This week, the topic up for discussion is graphene, a recently discovered material. Our Webwatchers have the details...

Playing computer games can contribute to science
12/07/2014 - Webwatch

Playing computer games can contribute to science

How can crowdsourcing and computer games help science? That’s what our Webwatchers look at this week…

Baby technologies
05/07/2014 - Webwatch

Baby technologies

From the craddle to the grave, technology has crept into almost every aspect of our lives. Expectant parents can now even monitor their unborn baby's heart rate.

Finding a taxi with Uber app
28/06/2014 - Webwatch

Finding a taxi with Uber app

Do you need a taxi?

Football technologies
21/06/2014 - Webwatch

Football technologies

Did the ball cross the line...or not? This week our webwatchers look at the latest football technologies to hit the field.

Hybrid tablet and smartphone optimizes video download
14/06/2014 - Webwatch

Hybrid tablet and smartphone optimizes video download

Our Webwatchers this week look at the "phablet", a combination of the tablet computer and the smartphone. It's a device with the functionality of a phone, but a much bigger screen ...