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Arianespace Soyuz VS10 ready for launch at Sinnamary in French Guiana, 18 December 2014.
18/12/2014 - French Guyana

Soyuz to provide internet to three billion people

Four satellites were to be launched from French Guiana on Thursday with the goal of providing more affordable internet to countries with minimal service.

24/11/2014 - FRANCE

Thales and Siemens win 500 million euros contract for trains in Spain

The French and German firms won the contract for modernising systems on a high-speed train line in Spain.

Dublin Web Summit: part 5
21/11/2014 - International report

Dublin Web Summit: part 5

In the last of our series from this month's Web Summit in Dublin, we hear from two organisations founded in Ireland.
Dublin Web Summit: part 4
20/11/2014 - International report

Dublin Web Summit: part 4

Earlier this month 22-thousand people attended the Web Summit in the Irish capital Dublin. Several Nigerian start up companies were among the exhibitors hoping to stand out from the crowd.

Dublin Web Summit: part 3
19/11/2014 - International report

Dublin Web Summit: part 3

Earlier this month in Ireland, people from 109 countries attended Europe's biggest tech gathering - with 100s of Asian start-up companies among them.
French nuclear giant Areva hopes to build reactors in South Africa
14/10/2014 - France-South Africa

France signs nuclear cooperation accord with South Africa

France on Tuesday signed a cooperation accord with South Africa for the development of civil nuclear technology.

An engraved Gillardeau oyster
10/10/2014 - France

Gillardeau oyster farm to laser-engrave shells to fight counterfeiters

A French oyster farm is to engrave its logo on its oysters’ shells in an attempt to smash a market in counterfeits.
Where are France's women techies?
26/09/2014 - On-the-spot France

Where are France's women techies?

Proponents of France's hi-tech industry say it will pull the country out of its economic doldrums. Innovative, hi-tech startups are the key to the France's future success. But where are the women?
The 900-gramme artifical heart is highly technological
05/09/2014 - FRANCE

Second Carmat artificial heart implanted in France

For the second time a high-tech bioprosthetic heart has been implanted in a French patient.

French press review 2 September 2014

Putin faces tough choices over Ukraine. French bosses fail to invest in new technology. An ayatollah hates 3G. And French kids go back to school amid a row over changes in education.