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TV in Sub-Saharan Africa to go digital by 2015
10/09/2013 - African news explained

TV in Sub-Saharan Africa to go digital by 2015

Digital television will be coming to Africa by 2015. That's after recent negotiations between African countries, who've decided to switch over from traditional analogue TV signals.

French press review 4 September 2013

War dominates this morning's front pages.

Alcatel Lucent managing director Michel Combes
30/07/2013 - France

Alcatel-Lucent announces big losses, shares rise

French telecom-equipment maker Alcatel-Lucent announced major losses in the first half of this year on Tuesday. But its shares rose thanks to a revamped strategy.

05/07/2013 - France

French government accused of widespread spying on its own citizens

The French government has been spying on its own people, in the same way the Americans have done, according to French daily Le Monde.
Orange boss Stéphane Richard has to answer questions about his work with Christine Lagarde
10/06/2013 - Franc

Orange boss Richard detained in Tapie payout case

The boss of telecoms company Orange, Stéphane Richard, has been taken into police custody in the ongoing investigation into alleged abuse of influence that has seen IMF chief Christine Lagarde ...
14/03/2013 - France - US - Luxembourg

France to chase up Skype over telecomms registration

French prosecutors are to look into the online call service Skype for failing to register as a telecommunications company.


African press review 2 October 2012

The latest developments in Kismayo in Somalia and fake mobile phones in Kenya are among the stories covered in today's African papers..

Autocorrection - how does it work and could it be bitter? Sorry, better
22/09/2012 - Webwatch

Autocorrection - how does it work and could it be bitter? Sorry, better

If your smartphone comes with autocorrection software, you've probably had some surprises when texting someone.
The decline of the BlackBerry
25/08/2012 - Webwatch

The decline of the BlackBerry

A few years ago the BlackBerry was the ultimate hi-tech device that everyone wanted. Not any more. What happened? How can such a successful device have lost its popularity?

05/07/2012 - France

France Télécom former bosses in harassment probe over spate of suicides

The former boss of France Télécom, Didier Lombard, was placed under investigation for harassment in connection with the spate of suicides during his tenure, as the probe widened on ...