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A Thalys train at Gare du Midi in Brussels
01/09/2015 - France - Belgium

Belgium to collect data on travellers of planes, trains and ferries

Belgium has announced controversial plans to collect information on all passengers of airlines, as well as cross-border trains and ferries, in the wake of the foiled attack on a train running between ...
Belgian police officers stand guard on a platform at the Thalys high-speed train terminal at Brussels Midi/Zuid railway station 22 August 2015.
30/08/2015 - FRANCE

France to tighten rail security as EU ministers meet after foiled train attack

Nine European interior ministers met in Paris on Saturday and agreed to enhance security measures for international rail transport.
The scene at the Jo Goldenberg restaurant on Paris's rue des Rosiers after the attack
26/08/2015 - FRANCE - JORDAN - palestine

France issues warrant for 1982 Jewish restaurant terror attack suspect

French investigators have issued an international arrest warrant for a Palestinian accused of taking part in a 1982 attack on a Jewish restaurant in Paris that killed six people, sources said ...
French public prosecutor François Molins gives a press conference about the Thalys attack on Tuesday
26/08/2015 - France - European Union

European ministers to meet Saturday in Paris after high-speed train attack

Ministers from nine European countries are to meet in Paris on Saturday to discuss tranpsort security after last week's high-speed train attack.

French press review 26 August 2015

Le Monde leads with the consequences the Monday's stock market crash saying it has put the Chinese regime to a test.

French press review 25 August 2015

The press inspects the ravages of China's Black Monday as the crash causes panic and heavy losses in global markets.
Ayoub El Khazzani, the gunman on the high-speed train
25/08/2015 - France - Belgium

French investigators to decide on charges for train gunman

French investigators will decide Tuesday on charges for the Moroccan gunman who was overpowered by passengers when he opened fire on a crowded Paris-bound train.


French press review 24 August 2015

The French press is in fresh overbidding over the terrorism threat facing Europe,  after Friday's foiled jihadist attack on the Amsterdam-Paris train.

Belgian police at the train station in Brussels, 22 August 2015, the day after the attack foiled on the Amsterdam-Paris train.
23/08/2015 - France - Belgium

Train attack suspect was on radar of intelligence services across Europe

A clearer picture is emerging of 25-year-old Moroccan national Ayob El Khazzani who was being questioned by French counter-terrorism officers Sunday.

French investigators inspect the Thalys train where a gunman opened fire
22/08/2015 - France - Belgium

Focus turns to Belgium security after high-speed train attack

Belgium is stepping up security measures across its national rail network as prosecutors there formally opened an anti-terrorism probe Saturday, a day after a thwarted attack aboard a Paris-bound train by a suspected jihadist gunman.