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The Bataclan concert hall, in Paris's 11th district, undated
11/02/2016 - FRANCE

Paris's Bataclan music hall to reopen this year

The owners of the Bataclan concert hall in Paris, where 90 people were murdered by jihadists on 13 November, 2015, say they plan to host music shows again before the end of the year.
The scene at the Jo Goldenberg restaurant on Paris's rue des Rosiers after the attack
10/02/2016 - FRANCE - JORDAN

Jordan rejects 1982 Paris attack suspects extradition

Jordan has rejected an extradition request from France for two suspects accused of carrying out a 1982 deadly attack on a Jewish restaurant in Paris, according to a judicial source.
Anti-riot police stand guard on the place de la Concorde, on February 3, 2016 in Paris
09/02/2016 - France

Assembly votes to write state of emergency into constitution

The lower house of the French parliament voted Monday in favour of enshrining in the constitution the process of declaring a state of national emergency, one of a series of controversial amendments ...
A candle with a French flag to pay tribute to the victims is seen outside the Casa Nostra
06/02/2016 - France - Paris Attacks

Paris attacks restaurant owners says he is ‘ruined’

The owner of one of the restaurants that closed in the wake of the November 13 attacks in Paris says the attacks have ruined his business.
General view of the National Assembly during a debate to extend a state of emergency, 19 November 2015
05/02/2016 - FRANCE

French MPs to debate post-attacks constitution changes

French lawmakers have begun debating proposals to change the constitution to strip dual nationals of their French citizenship in terrorism cases and enshrine in the text controversial measures put in ...
An air strike by Assad's forces on rebel forces in Anadan in  Aleppo province, 3 February
04/02/2016 - FRANCE - US - RUSSIa - SYRIa

IS training camp destroyed in Syria, France claims, slams Assad after peace talks stop

France has announced that its fighter jets took part in an air raid that destroyed a training camp of the Islamic State (IS) armed group in Syria.
Police patrol Paris's La Défense business district
04/02/2016 - FRANCE

Amnesty International, rights ombudsman slam France's state of emergency

France's state of emergency has devastated hundreds of lives, human-rights group Amnesty International declared in a report issued Thursday that calls on the government not to extend the measure, introduced after the November Paris attacks.

Front National vice-president Florian Philippot
02/02/2016 - FRANCE - QATAR - SYRIa

European parliament protects French Front National MEP from Qatar libel suit

The European parliament on Tuesday refused to suspend the parliamentary privilege of French Front National MEP Florian Philippot, thus blocking an attempt by the Gulf state of Qatar to sue him for ...
Residents in the Iraqi town of Sinjar after it was captured fom Islamixc State by Kurdish peshmerga
02/02/2016 - FRANCE - SYRIa

Six arrested in France for planning to join Syria jihadists

Five men and one woman were arrested near the central French city of Lyon on Tuesday, suspected of planning to go to join armed Islamists in Syria.
Prime Minister Manuel Valls at the National Assembly, 27 January 2015
02/02/2016 - FRANCE - BELGIum

France, Belgium to step up anti-terror cooperation

The Belgian and French prime ministers on Monday agreed on the need to boost counter-terror cooperation.