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African press review 01 August 2015

A controversial new Defence force bill dominates African headlines, and Ugandan presidential hopeful John Patrick Amama Mbabazi opens up his own ticket.


African press review 30 July 2015

Is South Africa's economy booming? And Nigeria forms military alliance against Boko Haram with regional allies.


African press review 28 July 2015

Has South Africa forgotten its war veterans? And fantastic tales from Mama Sarah Obama about a dream reunion with her presidential grandson.


African press review 27 July 2015

The Kenyan press basks in the glorious homecoming of its prodigal son Barack Obama.

Protesters in Istanbul hail PKK flags and pictures of victims of the Suruc bombing
24/07/2015 - TURKEY

Ceasefire between Turkish government and Kurds could be at risk, experts say

Experts say the added threat of the Islamic State armed group in Turkey during a time of political turmoil between the government and pro-Kurds could prove difficult to handle.

The Westgate shopping mall, which was reopened on 18 July
21/07/2015 - KENYA

Shebab, security overshadow Obama Kenya visit

US President Barack Obama will visit Kenya this weekend, his first visit as head of state to the country where his father was born.
At least 32 people were killed in a suicide bomb attack in Suruc, Turkey
21/07/2015 - TURKEY

Turkey's anti-IS crackdown, anti-Kurd revenge could be behind Suruc bombing, experts

Analysts say that Turkey's recent crackdown on the Islamic State (IS) armed group could be one of the motives for Monday's bombing in Suruc that killed 32 people.
Eta slogan on a farmhouse wall near a Basque village
19/07/2015 - FRANCE - Spain

Demonstrations held in Basque over arrests of Eta members

Demonstrations were held this weekend in support of two suspected members of the Basque separatist group Eta who were arrested by French police this month with the support of the Spanish Civil ...

French press review 18 July 2015

The 'Grexit' is out of sight but not out of mind, as the German parliament green-lights a Greek bailout plan with "legitimate scepticism".

French press review 17 July 2015

French papers square off over political bickering about President Francois Hollande's revelation of a foiled terrorism plot by homegrown jihadists.