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African press review 19 September 2014

There are questions over the death toll after a Nigerian church collapsed and why the tragedy happened. Three men claim they were shopping for arms for Nigerian intelligence in SA.
Mario Alfredo Sandoval
28/05/2014 - France - Argentina

French court backs extradition of alleged Argentine torturer

France’s appeal court has ruled in favour of the extradition of an alleged torturer during the 1970s dictatorship in Argentina.
Protest calling on Air France to end the transportation, Los Angeles, 28 April 2014
26/05/2014 - France

Air France urged to end transportation of apes for medical research

Air France on Monday defended its transportation of monkeys for medical research after British primatologist Jane Goodall urged the airline to stop the practice.


African press review 6 May 2014

SA's election coverage neglects the issues, a paper claims. Have extra-judicial killings started in Kenya? Europe sends observers to Egypt.
Morocco's King Mohamed VI
25/02/2014 - France - Morocco

Hollande phones Moroccan king to smooth diplomatic tensions

French president François Hollande telephoned Morocco's King Mohammed VI on Tuesday to smooth diplomatic relations following civil lawsuits filed in Paris on Thursday, which accused Morocco's ...
Court says South African authorities have duty to investigate Zimbabwe torture allegations
28/11/2013 - African news explained

Court says South African authorities have duty to investigate Zimbabwe torture allegations

South Africa's top appeals court says the authorities have a duty to investigate allegations of torture in neighbouring Zimbabwe.
Central American activists protest US torture academy
04/05/2013 - World news explained

Central American activists protest US torture academy

US President Barack Obama was in Costa Rica yesterday for a summit with central American leaders on trade, immigration and the drug war.
Palestinians carry the body of Arafat Jaradat as it arrives at his home before his funeral in the West Bank village of Sa'ir, 25 February, 2013
26/02/2013 - Report: Palestinian territories

Clashes after funeral of Palestinian Arafat Jadarat, who died in Israeli jail

Thousands of mourners lined the streets of Sa’ir, close to Hebron, yesterday for the funeral of Arafat Jadarat.
14/02/2013 - France - Africa

French court gives murder gang chief Fofana seven more years for supporting terrorism

The head of gang which tortured and killed a Jewish man in 2006, has been sentenced to seven more years in prison for making anti-Semitic videos while in jail.

Sudanese woman journalist kidnapped and tortured
10/11/2012 - African Media

Sudanese woman journalist kidnapped and tortured

Ambroise Pierre, Africa Researcher at Reporters Without Borders, comments on the escape to freedom of Sudanese female journalist Somaia Ibrahim Ismail, kidnapped and tortured by state security ...