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"The match has begun!" declared right-wing presidential hopeful Alain Juppé on Sunday
21/09/2014 - France

French right-wing presidential hopefuls square up to Sarkozy

Nicolas Sarkozy’s main rivals as right-wing candidate in France’s 2017 presidential election squared up to the former president on Sunday after his political comeback on Friday.

Comeback kid? Former French president Nicolas Sarkozy
20/09/2014 - Analysis: France

Could Sarkozy be French president again?

To nobody’s surprise, France’s former president Nicolas Sarkozy has announced his return to active politics, declaring himself a candidate for the leadership of the right-wing UMP party, ...
France's President Francois Hollande at EU summit, Brussels, August 31, 2014.
11/09/2014 - France

Sarkozy MP denounces 'outpouring of hate' towards Hollande

A French MP from Nicolas Sarkozy's opposition UMP party has denounced what he called “an outpouring of hate” towards President François Hollande.

09/09/2014 - France

French PM warns party: ability to govern under question

French Prime Minister Manuel Valls told a tense meeting of Socialist MPs on Tuesday that the Socialists’ very ability to govern was under question, as a rebel group of MPs gains momentum.


French press review 8 September 2014

Local politics, potential and actual disasters . . . that's probably a fair summary of this morning's headline stories.

Energy and Environment Minister Ségolène Royal presents the energy transition law in Paris
31/07/2014 - France

France to boost renewable energy, reduce nuclear

France is to invest up to 10 billion euros to boost investment in renewable energy and cut the country's oil and gas costs.

French press review 10 July 2014

French budget, UMP party and the German national football team are all in the papers today.


French press review 9 July 2014

"Humiliation", "disaster", "disgrace", "consternation." If those are the key words, what's the story about?


French weekly magazines review 6 July 2014

French press is outraged by Nicolas Sarkozy’s scathing attack on judiciary probing scandals dogging his political return.