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Syrian President Bashar al-Assad
25/02/2015 - France - Syria

French MPs meet Bashar al-Assad on ‘personal’ visit to Syria

Four French parliamentarians met Syrian President Bashar al-Assad on Tuesday during a visit that they and the government insisted was a personal initiative.

French press review 23 February 2015

The spectre of right-wing extremism is rattling the bars on this morning's front pages.

French President François Hollande, Prime Minister Manuel Valls and Emmanuel Macron at the Elysée presidential palace on Wednesday
19/02/2015 - France

French government faces confidence vote after forcing through economic package

The French government faced a confidence vote on Thursday after using enabling legislation to force through an economic package that caused a split in the ruling Socialist Party.

Prime Minister Manuel Valls in French National Assembly
17/02/2015 - France

French no-confidence vote looms as Socialist rebels deliver blow to Valls

In a moment of high drama on Tuesday, French Prime Minister Manuel Valls exposed his government to a vote of no-confidence, in a desperate bid to force the passage of the controversial Macron ...

French press review 12 February 2015

This morning, the editors of the French national dailies round up several of the usual suspects.

Posters supporting Socialist  candidate Frédéric Barbier (L) and the Front National's Sophie Montel in the Doubs by-election
08/02/2015 - France

France's Front National hopes for third MP in litmus test by-election

The second round of a by-election in eastern France could see a third MP from the far-right Front National (FN) in the French parliament, although the latest opinion poll showed the Socialist ...
Election posters in Herimoncourt in the Doubs constituency
04/02/2015 - France

Sarkozy’s UMP split over refusal to back Socialists against Front National in by-election

France’s main right-wing opposition party, the UMP, was split on Wednesday after its executive committee refused to take sides in a by-election that could see the far-right Front National (FN) ...
Former UMP president Jean-François Copé
03/02/2015 - France

France's former opposition leader Copé under investigation over Sarkozy fine

Jean-François Copé, former president of the right wing opposition UMP party, has been placed under official investigation for suspected misuse of funds, according to judicial ...

French press review 3 February 2015

Le Monde, Le Figaro and Libération all give pride of place to the political dilemma facing UMP party president, Nicolas Sarkozy, in the wake of Sunday's first-round elimination of the UMP ...
FN candidate Sophie Montel (L) with FN leader Marine Le Pen
02/02/2015 - France

Front National wins French by-election first round, Sarkozy’s UMP eliminated

The far-right Front National party won the most votes in a bye election on Sunday, notching up yet another success.