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Charity food centre in Nice.
24/11/2014 - FRANCE

One million French people to receive charity meals

The charity food distribution centres "Les Restos du Coeur" have opened their door for their 30th winter season in France.
François Hollande faced four members of the public during the broadcast on the TF1 channel
07/11/2014 - France

Eight million viewers watch Hollande defend mid-term presidential record

François Hollande will not stand for French president again if unemployment has not fallen by the end of his term in office.

French press review 27 October 2014

Is the French left an endangered species? Is another financial crisis on the way? Who are the Kurds? Who’s afraid of family allowance reform? And why is David Cameron apoplectic?

Job seekers look at boards with job informations at a National Agency for Employment (Pole Emploi) in Nice October 9, 2014.
25/10/2014 - France

Illusion over, France has lost unemployment battle, says Labour Minister

France's unemployment rate has increased by 19,200 people in September according to new data published by the Employment ministry.

French press review 25 October 2014

Today’s big story is the release of France’s latest unemployment figures which have hit a new record in September.

French press review 16 October 2014

A survey finds many unemployed have given up looking for work. The right is up in arms over defence cuts. Sarkozy's overspending election campaign continues to excite interest.

French press review 14 October 2014

There's plenty of advice on this morning's front pages.


French press review 13 October 2014

French budgetary problems, vanishing North Korean leaders, and unemployment benefit are among the main French stories this morning . . .

The Medef's  "One million jobs" badge
25/09/2014 - France - Czech Republic

French bosses' union's 'One million jobs' badge made abroad

The French bosses' union has launched a campaign claiming that changes to working practices will create one million jobs in France.
Job seekers inside a National Agency for Employment . File 2013
25/09/2014 - France

French unemployment falls for first time in nine months

Unemployment in France fell by 0.3 per cent in August, the first drop in nine months.