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United Nations
International Day Against Nuclear Tests, plus Michael Jackson
29/08/2015 - The Sound Kitchen

International Day Against Nuclear Tests, plus Michael Jackson

This week on The Sound Kitchen, you’ll hear the answer to the quiz about the song Siempre lo Mismo.
Haile Selassie, Ethiopian emperor and "elect of God", died 40 years ago
27/08/2015 - Ethiopia

Lion of Judah or pro-Western dictator? Haile Selasse still debated 40 years after his death

On 27 August 1975 a French reporter phoned the Ethiopian imperial palace, which had been overrun by Marxist army officers the previous year. Haile Selassie I came to the phone.
Doha, Qatar.
17/08/2015 - Qatar

Qatar labour reform no fundamental change for migrant workers, expert

Qatar is getting ready to implement labour reforms that will guarantee wages for its 1.2 million migrant workers.


French press review 15 August 2015

French church bells are to ring at noon in symbolic support for Christians of the Levant.
Anti-Kabila protests in Kinshasa in January
10/08/2015 - DR Congo

DRC's Opposition Boycotts Senate, Dismisses Kabila's Ploy to Stay in Power

The Senate in the Democratic Republic of Congo is set to hold an extraordinary session Tuesday to debate how to organise the country’s first-ever local elections.
A man gets his shoes shined near posters of candidates running for legislative elections in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, August 7, 2015.
09/08/2015 - Haiti

Haitians head to the polls in long-overdue elections

Legislative elections kicked off in Haiti on Sunday after a four-year delay, in a test of stability for the Caribbean nation.
Apollonia, the daughter of Claude Verlon, viewing her father's name on a monument dedicated to journalists killed in war, in October 2014
26/07/2015 - Mali - France

Hollande meets with relatives of RFI journalists killed in Mali

Relatives of the two Radio France Internationale journalists killed in Mali in 2013 met with French President Francois Hollande this weekend to discuss difficulties in the investigation of the ...
The people of the town of Bouar, in the extreme west of the Central African Republic, welcome the French military, December 2013.
07/07/2015 - France - Central African Republic

French officials in Central Africa question children allegedly abused by military

French investigators were on their way Tuesday to the Central African Republic to question children who say they were sexually abused by peacekeepers, a judicial source has told French news agency ...
UN peacekeepers have often been targeted by Tuareg rebels and jihadists in Mali
22/06/2015 - Mali

Mali Tuareg peace deal raises hopes but faces challenges

Activists and analysts in Mali hope that a landmark deal between the government and a Tuareg-led rebel coalition will bring stability to the north, the cradle of several Tuareg uprisings since the ...
Israeli attacks on Gaza, July 2014
15/06/2015 - Israel - Palestine

Israel blocks UN Gaza inquiry as own report declares 2014 conflict legal

Israel has blocked a visit to the Palestinian territories by a UN rights envoy ahead of the publication of a United Nations report on last year's Gaza war that cost the lives of 2,200 Palastinians ...