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United Nations
The commander who ordered the murders of RFI journalists Claude Verlon and Ghislaine Dupont has been killed by French special forces in Mali
21/05/2015 - Mali - France

Two jihadist chiefs killed in French raid in Mali

French special forces have killed two jihadist leaders in Mali, including the commander who claimed the execution of two Radio France Internationale journalists in the remote northern town of Kidal ...
A soldier in France's Sangaris operation in the Central African Republic
07/05/2015 - Central African Republic - FRANCE

Central Africa to open case in French soldiers' sex abuse allegations

The Central African Republic (CAR) is to take legal action against French soldiers accused of exchanging paedophile sex for food during the French military operation in the country.

Amnesty International has released a report which found that civilians in Aleppo are suffering “unthinkable atrocities”
05/05/2015 - Syria

UN tries to re-boot Syria talks

The UN's peace envoy for Syria, Staffan de Mistura, has announced the start of new consultations in Geneva with regional and domestic players. He hopes the initiative can revive the stalled dialogue on the conflict.

Extension of UN mandate in Western Sahara: the status quo or agreement in sight?
05/05/2015 - Spotlight on Africa

Extension of UN mandate in Western Sahara: the status quo or agreement in sight?

The UN Security Council has voted to extend the mandate of the UN mission in Western Sahara, one of the world’s longest-standing territorial disputes.
French Minister of Defence Jean-Yves Le Drian says he felt "betrayal" over the allegations that French soldiers have sexually abused refugee children
03/05/2015 - France - Central African Republic

Soldiers who abused Central African children must ‘give themselves up’, says defence minister

French defence minister Jean-Yves Le Drian felt "disgust" and "betrayal" over allegations that French soldiers in the Central African Republic had sexually assaulted children in ...

French press review 2 May 2015

The French press is putting pressure on the military to come clean on child abuse allegations facing its Sangaris forces in the Central African Republic.

French press review 1 May 2015

Former French president Nicolas Sarkozy has been caught in the Bygmalion booby trap and the internet takes centre stage in search for Nepal earthquake survivors.
French troops arrive in Bouar western CAR in December 2013
30/04/2015 - France - Central African Republic

French military investigating Central Africa child sex abuse allegations

The French military has been conducting an inquiry into charges of child sex abuse by troops in the Central African Republic since last July, it emerged after a UN report on the allegations was ...
Migrants arriving in Italy after being rescued on 20 April 2015
20/04/2015 - European Union

UN calls on Europe to act to end migrant drowning tragedies

Europe can prevent further tragedies like the deaths of 700 migrants in the Mediterranean on Sunday, a UN refugee agency official has told RFI, as European foreign and interior ministers met in ...
Combat between Assad's army and IS fighters in Idlib, Syrie, on 28 March 2015.
17/04/2015 - Syria

Syrian volunteers demand action to stop barrel bombs

While the United Nations Security Council has vowed to take action against those behind deadly chemical weapons in Syria, members of the Syrian Civil Defense volunteers tell RFI that the grim ...