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Madeleine Peyroux's Bare Bones
23/08/2014 - The Sound Kitchen

Madeleine Peyroux's Bare Bones

On today’s menu: singer and songwriter Madeleine Peyroux talking about writing the song Bare Bones. Click on that little “Listen” arrow above, and feast your ears!


French press review 22 August 2014

We start with a glimmer of hope for Africa’s traumatized people.


French press review 21 August 2014

President François Hollande and the press have never been a good match - and today criticism of the leader over his economic policies is particularly withering.


French press review 20 August 2014

The papers are still looking across the Atlantic, where the US is embroiled in racial tensions and riots not altogether unfamiliar to the French.


French press review 19 August 2014

International news dominates French press as France continues its annual August slumber.

13/08/2014 - France

France sends military aid to Iraq

France has sent weapons to Iraq to help the Kurdistan forces fighting the Islamic State (IS) militants in the north of the country.

US President Barack Obama.
11/08/2014 - United States - France - Africa

Obama directs money to help fight terrorism in Africa’s Sahel region

US President Barack Obama directed nearly 7,500 million euros (10 million dollars) to bolster a major French counterterrorism mission in Africa’s Sahel region.

Displaced Yazidi families flee the violence as the walk on the outskirts of Sinjar, west of Mosul, on August 5, 2014.
09/08/2014 - France - Iraq - United States

France, Britain to join humanitarian side of US involvement in Iraq

United States President Barack Obama said on Saturday that France and Britain are ready to join in on its humanitarian effort to help free the thousands of civilians surrounded by Islamist ...

08/08/2014 - France - US

Wine fraudster sentenced to 10 years in prison

The Indonesian wine forger Rudy Rurniawan was sentenced to 10 years in prison on Thursday for having made counterfeit wines, including French vintages.

08/08/2014 - France - US

US warplanes strike jihadist targets in northern Iraq

The United States has conducted targeted airstrikes on military positions of the Islamic State (IS) jihadists in Iraq.