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Julian Assange with Ecuador's Foreign Affairs Minister Ricardo Patiño in the London embassy last year
03/07/2015 - FRANCE - United States - Sweden

France rejects Assange asylum appeal

France has turned down an appeal for asylum by WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange just minutes after it was published in the French media.
US ambassador to France Jane Hartley leaves a meeting with French Foreign Affairs Minister Laurent Fabius following the WikiLeaks revelations of US spying
25/06/2015 - FRANCE - United States

French ministers flock to US despite 'unacceptable' NSA phone-tap revelations

French ministers seemed keen to resume business as usual with the US on Thursday, even though Paris the day before declared American wiretaps on President François Hollande and others ...

French press review 25 June 2015

No one seems too surprised about the American spying scandal, probably on the basis that you need to keep a close eye on your allies, likely to be less predictbale than your enemies.
Wikileaks reveal at least three French presidents' phones were tapped
24/06/2015 - FRANCE

US spying on French presidents shows mistrust of 'allies', experts

Wikileaks' revelations that the US's NSA agency tapped the phones of three French presidents and other officials have sparked angry reactions in Paris.

African press review 24 June 2015

Did Cairo and Khartoum conspire to assassinate South Sudan's president? At least one Saudi diplomat believes they did and WikiLeaks has a letter to prove it.

French press review 24 June 2015

The intelligence services in Washinton have been spying on at least three French presidents. How intelligent is that?
Wikileaks Assange's demand for a revocation of extradition order rejected
23/11/2014 - International media

Wikileaks Assange's demand for a revocation of extradition order rejected

Wikileaks representative Kristinn Hrafnsson discusses London's reaction to the rejection by a swedish court of appeal of Julian Assange's petition to have his extradition order revoked.

US fugitive Edward Snowden
03/07/2013 - France - US

Wikileaks Julian Assange urges European countries to accept Snowden

Wikileaks chief Julian Asasnge is urging European nations, not to bow to US pressure and accept fugitive Edward Snowden into their countries.

Whistle-blower Snowden seeks asylum
23/06/2013 - World news explained

Whistle-blower Snowden seeks asylum

An Icelandic businessman linked to Wikileaks says he has prepared a private plane to take US whistleblower Edward Snowden to Iceland should the government grant him asylum.
Hong Kong asks US whistleblower to leave
11/06/2013 - World news explained

Hong Kong asks US whistleblower to leave

Former Hong Kong security chief Regina Ip has called on the US whistleblower Edward Snowden to leave the city.