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29/07/2015 - Zimbabwe

Calls for American dentist to face justice over killing of Zimbabwe's 'Cecil the lion'

Rich American dentist Walter Palmer should face justice and possibly extradition to Zimbabwe for the illegal killing of ‘Cecil the lion’, according to the heads of conservation and safari groups.

Press freedom under threat in Zimbabwe
04/07/2015 - African Media

Press freedom under threat in Zimbabwe

In this week’s African Media, RFI takes you to Zimbabwe, where, at the end of last month, journalist Patrick Chitongo was sentenced to one year in prison for publishing an unregistered ...
Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras is seen on a television monitor while addressing the nation in Athens, Greece July 1, 2015.
01/07/2015 - Greece-Africa

Greece's economic woes are painful reminder of Africa's agony, analysts

Greece inched closer to dropping out of the eurozone on Wednesday, after defaulting on its 1.5 billion euro payment to the International Monetary Fund. The IMF rejected Athen's last-minute request for an extension, leading to scenes of chaos outside Greek banks.

Harare, the capital of Zimbabwe
24/06/2015 - Zimbabwe

Pre-paid water meters the official solution for Zimbabwe urban water crisis

In an effort to deliver potable water on a regular basis to its urban centres, Zimbabwe is trying to attract private investors by hosting the three-day Water Resources and Infrastructure Investment ...
09/06/2015 - Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe activist Itai Dzamara still missing after three months

The European Union's delegation to Zimbabwe on Tuesday hit out at the handling of the police investigation into the disappearance of Zimbabwean activist Itai Dzamara.
Donald Kaberuka, outgoing president of the African Development Bank
26/05/2015 - African economy

Who will be Africa's next top banker?

The African Development Bank is meeting this week for their annual meeting and will decide who among the eight candidates will become the next president of the African Development Bank.
Following the attack on their bus, Sri Lankan players were airlifted from the ground during their 2009 Pakistan tour.
19/05/2015 - Cricket

Cricket action resumes in Pakistan after six years

Zimbabwe has become the first country to tour Pakistan in six years. The Zimbabwean squad landed in Lahore this morning to play three One Day Internationals and two T20 matches.

A primary school in Murambinda, in Manicaland, Zimbabwe
13/05/2015 - Zimbabwe

Chinese as a compulsory language in Zimbabwe schools is "rank madness"

The government proposal to make Chinese, Kiswahili, French and Portuguese compulsory in Zimbabwe’s state-run schools is “rank madness”, says Rejoice Ngwenya, the head of Comaliso, a ...
Zimbabwean farmer digs out weeds from a maize crop.
06/05/2015 - Zimbabwe

Zimbabwean farmers shouldn’t be evicted because of party politics: opposition

Zimbabwe's main opposition party has opposed the eviction of smallholder Zimbabwean farmers from their land, even though they voted for ruling party Zanu-PF.
Violence in South Africa has targeted foreigners
23/04/2015 - Africa

Nigerian Senate calls for more action on xenophobia in South Africa

Tensions are brewing between Africa’s two main powerhouses, Nigeria and South Africa, with the Nigerian Senate calling on the International Criminal Court to investigate Zulu King Goodwill ...