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African press review 15 September 2014

Does Zimbabwe's First Lady deserve the doctorate she was awarded at the weekend?


African press review 19 August 2014

Nigeria is looking to bats to combat Ebola, South Africa goes out on a limb at the SADC summit and Uganda's boys step into manhood, leaving a part of themselves behind.

Zimbabwean journalists freed in press freedom victory
02/08/2014 - African Media

Zimbabwean journalists freed in press freedom victory

Nhlanhla Ngwenya, head of the Media Institute of Southern Africa (MISA) in Zimbabwe, discusses the freeing of two leading journalists indicted for defamation.

Preserving wildlife in Zimbabwe
17/06/2014 - International report

Preserving wildlife in Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe's attempts to preserve wildlife has seen the development of conservancies in various parts of the country including some that made it possible to get wild animals right into the cities.

African press review 6 June 2014

The Nigerian press is appalled by the scale of deadly Boko Haram attacks across Borno state.


African press review 3 June 2014

Egypt’s top women’s rights official throws out EU observers, the AU congratulates Malawi, Nigeria’s still grappling with Boko Haram, SA platinum bosses’ offer may not end ...

African press review 8 May 2014

Predictions of low voter turnout in SA prove false. Museveni defends Ugandan troops' presence in South Sudan. Uganda stops paying nearly 3,000 phantom police officers.

African press review 1 May 2014

It's May Day but gloom and doom is predicted for Zimbabwe's workforce. The SA platinum miners' strike looks set to continue.

African press review 30 April 2014

Who's expelled whom in Zimbabwe's MDC? Kenya encourages polygamy. Nigeria's Senate wants all-out war against Boko Haram.