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African press review 09 October 2014

Kenyatta returns home after ICC trip, Nigeria accuses South Africa of blocking a legal arms purchase and uncertainty over South Africa's mining laws dominate the front page stories of African ...

African press review 02 October 2014

Nobel Peace Prize-winners won't be travelling to SA. France's budget comes under scrutiny. Kenya and the EU fail to reach a trade deal. Uhuru's aides change their line on him going to The Hague.

African press review 24 September 2014

Zimbabwe's finance minister wants to cut the public-sector wage bill. SA papers have their eyes on China and the Middle East. Egypt's president is to meet Barack Obama for the first time.

African press review 17 September 2014

Mugabe backs Putin. Lesotho is to have an early election. Nigerian soldiers are sentenced to death.

African press review 15 September 2014

Does Zimbabwe's First Lady deserve the doctorate she was awarded at the weekend?


African press review 19 August 2014

Nigeria is looking to bats to combat Ebola, South Africa goes out on a limb at the SADC summit and Uganda's boys step into manhood, leaving a part of themselves behind.

Zimbabwean journalists freed in press freedom victory
02/08/2014 - African Media

Zimbabwean journalists freed in press freedom victory

Nhlanhla Ngwenya, head of the Media Institute of Southern Africa (MISA) in Zimbabwe, discusses the freeing of two leading journalists indicted for defamation.

Preserving wildlife in Zimbabwe
17/06/2014 - International report

Preserving wildlife in Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe's attempts to preserve wildlife has seen the development of conservancies in various parts of the country including some that made it possible to get wild animals right into the cities.