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Marcello Mastroanni, Cannes Film Festival 2014 official poster
17/04/2014 - France

Jean-Luc Godard, Ryan Gosling, Eric Cantona all make 2014 Cannes Film Festival

Films by Jean-Luc Godard, Ken Loach, the Dardennes brothers and David Cronenberg are among those chosen to compete for the Palme d’Or at this year’s Cannes film festival, it ...

Don't even think about it ... the two men were tagging trains across Europe
16/04/2014 - France

Australian tourists arrested on graffiti tour of Europe's rail network

French police have arrested two Australian tourists alleged to be on a tagging tour of Europe's rail network.

The hotel Lutetia, à Paris
14/04/2014 - France

Landmark Paris hotel closes for three-year renovation

Paris's landmark art déco hotel, Le Lutetia, closed on Monday for renovations that will take three years and cost nearly 100 million euros.

A Burgundy vineyard
07/04/2014 - France

French court fines organic winemaker for not using pesticides

A French court on Monday fined a Burgundy winemaker 500 euros because he refused to use pesticides in his organic vineyard.

Chinese Preisdent Xi Jinping is welcomed by French President François Hollande at the Elysee Palace, Wednesday 26 March.
26/03/2014 - France-China

After pomp and ceremony, French and Chinese leaders got down to business of nailing deals

The signing of fifty contracts representing fifty years of diplomatic relations got underway on Wednesday, with lucrative deals clinched in sectors like aeronautics and the car industry.

Chinese President Xi Jinping (left.) and the French Foreign Affairs minister Laurent Fabius, at the Lyon-Saint-Exupéry airport, March 25 2014.
26/03/2014 - France-China

France seeks win-win partnership with China during Premier visit

As China's President arrives in Paris for the second day of a high-profile visit, French authorities will push for a rebalancing of exchanges between the two countries.

The guillotine awaiting auction in Nantes
25/03/2014 - France

Working French guillotine expected to fetch thousands at auction

A 19th century guillotine, still in perfect working order, is to be auctioned in France on Thursday and is expected to fetch up to 60,000 euros.

French drivers will have to drive on alternate days from Monday 17 March to ease traffic congestion
16/03/2014 - France

France to launch alternating traffic system to reduce pollution

After experiencing days of dangerously high pollution levels, France will introduce a new alternating traffic system from Monday 17 March.

On the Paris motorway, the speed limit has been lowered to 60 km/hour, whilst public transport has been made free
15/03/2014 - France

France announces anti-pollution plan to fight smog

France is stepping up measures to curb red-alert pollution levels with a new prevention plan, that will be launched next Summer.

14/03/2014 - France - India

France busts international cannabis money-laundering network

French police have busted one of the biggest cannabis money-laundering networks ever discovered in the country.

Rush hour traffic at Paris's Arc de Triomphe which is seen through a small-particle haze on 13 March 2014.
14/03/2014 - France

French cities declare public transport free to fight pollution emergency

Red-alert pollution levels have prompted several French cities to make public transport and green schemes, like Paris's Velib bike-share and Autolib electric cars, free. But will the measures ...

A chest of drawers from the Félix Marcilhac collection
13/03/2014 - France

Paris art nouveau, art deco auction breaks records

The sale of a collection of Art Déco and Art Nouveau objects, belonging to Paris art expert Félix Marcilhac, attracted 21 record sums, auctioneers Sotheby’s and Artcurial ...

The Eiffel tower and the Paris skyline through a small-particle haze, 13 March 2014.
13/03/2014 - France

Paris promises free public transport if high pollution continues

Authorities in the Paris region say they will make public transport free if they have to bring in emergency restrictions on traffic because of high pollution levels caused by unseasonably warm ...

Two of the paintings have been stored at the Louvre while awaiting reclamation
10/03/2014 - France - Germany

France to return paintings stolen by Nazis to owners

The French minister of culture, Aurélie Filippetti, will return three paintings confiscated by the Nazis, to their real owners in a ceremony on Tuesday.

The Huez ski station in the Alps
08/03/2014 - France

Traffic hell for France's ski-resort holiday-makers

There were traffic jams on 231 kilometres of France's roads at midday Saturday as some holidaymakers headed for ski resorts, while others headed home.

Laurent Witz and Alexandre Espigares with their award for best animated short film "Mr. Hublot".
03/03/2014 - France - United States

French film "Mr. Hublot" wins Best animated short film Oscar

"Mr Hublot", a joint Franco-Luxembourger production, took the prize for Best animated short film at the US Academy Awards on Sunday, beating the Disney favourite "Get a ...

Finistère in Brittany, Feb. 2014
03/03/2014 - France

France's Atlantic coast on alert for high winds, huge waves

High winds and huge waves were expected on Monday night on France's Atlantic coast, where 11 areas have been put on alert.

An instructor from the Ecole de Ski Français (ESF) with pupils
03/03/2014 - France - UK

London mayor slams "shameful" French action against British ski instructor

The arrest of a British ski instructor in the Alps in February has put the spotlight on French laws concerning ski instructors and led to accusations that the rules are aimed at protecting jobs ...

Trekkers at Mont-Blanc
01/03/2014 - France

Traffic jams in French Alps as winter holidaymakers head for ski resorts

There were 80 kilometres of traffic jams in France early Saturday morning as holiday-makers headed for ski stations in the Alps.

Storm Dirk hits Brittany in December
28/02/2014 - France

Gales, waves, flooding head for western French coast

Yet more stormy weather was set to hit west France on Friday, forecasters warned.

Interactive map of France
Slideshow - Montmartre celebrates wine harvest
Wine (not from the Montmartre vines!) during the parade
Slideshow: Animals in Paris's Jardin des plantes
The zoo at Jardins des Plantes houses around 900 animals from over 200 different species, including birds...
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