Sunday 03 October 2010
An American (diner) in Paris
Eat American!
Beau96080/Open access
By Laura Angela Bagnetto

We’re cooking up American-flavoured fun here in Paris at the Sound Kitchen with dance, food, and all-American music in between.


Choreographer Marie-Laure Agrapart who has created a modern dance for two people called Transmut-2 Solis at the Centre Nationale de la Dance on the outskirts of Paris.
But this isn't modern dance for the fainthearted - it's a duet with both performers - man and woman - on pointe.
They're dancing to American rocker Patti Smith’s “Birdland.”
And it wouldn't be the sound kitchen without some rumblings in the kitchen! We had the opportunity to visit Breakfast in America, an authentic American diner in the heart of Paris in the 5th arrondissement, close to the Sorbonne on rue des Ecoles.
Craig Carlson, the owner and Connecticut Yankee, brought his dreams to fruition after craving an all-American breakfast - eggs, bacon, and fluffy pancakes.
We were treated to the Obamaburger, a speciality invented by executive chef Cameron Finochi. This feast of hamburger, grilled hot dog, carmelised onions and double cheese packs a punch. Check out Breakfast in America’s two locations in Paris at rue des Ecoles and 4, rue Malher.

And we bring you another diner - Tom's Diner. This is a song originally sung acapella by American folk singer Suzanne Vega and remixed by British dance group DNA. It was inspired by a diner on Broadway and West 112th Street in New York City. The bells in the song come from the nearby cathedral St. John the Divine.



We’ve also included the Supertramp classic song "Breakfast in America". If you're in Paris, catch the group at Bercy on 18 and 28 October.
“Birdland” by Patti Smith
“Jackson” by Johnny Cash and June Carter Cash
“Tom’s Diner” by Suzanne Vega and DNA
“Breakfast in America” by Supertramp





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