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Article published the Wednesday 20 February 2013 - Latest update : Wednesday 20 February 2013

France launches low-cost high-speed train

The new Ouigo high-speed train
SNCF Voyages


France’s rail company has launched a low-cost, high-speed train service, with starting prices of 10 euros to travel from the Paris region to the south of France. But there will be hidden costs.

The SNCF rail operator launched its new Ouigo service on Tuesday with tickets of just 10 euros to travel from near the capital to Marseille or Montpellier.

Interactive map of France

The prices will go up to 85 euros but a ticket for children under 12 will stay at five euros.

Although the trains will have over 250 more places than previous models of the TGV high-speed train, the company says that the seats are also more spacious.

But there are some catches:

  • Departures will not be from Paris itself but from Marne-la-Vallée, the town west of Paris, where the Disneyland amusement park is situated. It can be reached on the RER local railway.
  • The station it serves at the central city of Lyon is the airport, Saint Exupéry, and not the city-centre hub.
  • The cheap tickets can only be booked on the internet.
  • There is no bar and use of an electric plug costs two euros.
  • Passengers will be allowed to carry one item of baggage free but will have to pay five euros for every extra item.
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Wow, talk about focusing on

Wow, talk about focusing on the negatives RFI! This is a pretty amazing plan that a lot of low-income people can take advantage of. Using low-cost hubs outside city centers hasn't stopped air companies like RyanAir or Southwest from becoming the air market leaders.

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