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Article published the Tuesday 13 August 2013 - Latest update : Tuesday 13 August 2013

Laurent Fabius calls election of new Malian president a 'promising renaissance'

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Following the election of a new president in Mali, French foreign minister Laurent Fabius shared a warm congratulations to the Malian people and said the newly elected President Ibrahim Boubacar Keïta is the beginning of a “promising renaissance” in the country.

“It is rare that a country is born twice. This is the case for Mali, whose very existence was threatened by barbaric terrorists just seven months ago, but has since been able to find the strength to vote on Sunday in calm. Security has been restored with the new president of the Republic” declared Fabius earlier today in a press release.

Along with a newly elected assembly, Fabius said this would now encourage the country to continue on with its unity and development.

“Along with other African countries, the European Union and the international community, France will be by the side of Mali, right up until the moment action needs to be taken to prevent it from being destroyed. She [France] will remain there, loyal and friendly as long as is necessary for [Mali] to rebuild itself. All democracies should congratulate Sunday’s elections in Mali, which was both a beacon of strength and a beacon peace” concluded Fabius.

After a military coup in March of 2012, the north of the country was taken over by Islamists. A joint operation to free the country from the militants, led by French troops along with the Chadian and Malian military have since liberated the north from the Islamists.

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